25 Kislev 5778 / Wednesday, December 13, 2017 | Torah Reading: Mikeitz
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The Missing Snood    

The Missing Snood

I speak to Hashem in personal prayer and try to reinforce my relationship with Him on a daily basis; I therefore believe that He will always be patient with me…


When I went to a recent doctor’s appointment, I cast off my synthetic hair sheitel and decided to wear my hair pulled back in a ponytail. I reasoned that there probably would be no men present as this doctor saw only women. I live in a very secular neighborhood where very few married women cover their hair. I have been struggling with this mitzvah for over five years. Whenever I go to the doctor or the dentist, I don’t yet feel confident enough to wear my sheitel. Sometimes I’ll don a baseball cap or something similar but invariably the doctor or dentist asks me to remove it. Because I speak to Hashem in personal prayer and try to reinforce my relationship with Him on a daily basis, the belief that He will be patient with me and understand my particular situation is greatly reinforced.


I have often spoken to Him about the fact that I still am not comfortable being perceived as different from everyone else. I speak honestly and from the heart that my intention is to do His will but that I am not quite ready yet to fully cover my hair when going to an appointment involving a medical or dental examination. His personal communication with me made clear the fact that He hears us and responds to us accordingly.


So on Friday night, I realized that the snood (cloth hair covering) I often wear at home was missing. I searched everywhere but could not find it. In the morning I spoke to Hashem about my lost snood. I then followed my personal prayer with the prescribed Prayer for Lost Objects, which I heard is effective over 90% of the time. As I was preparing to get dressed, a thought entered my mind to go downstairs---that the snood was not upstairs. I followed my intuition and looked in the office, in places I had not yet checked, but I found nothing. My husband was in the entry, and I shared with him that I felt the loss of my hair covering was in response to my going uncovered to the doctor’s office.


My words to Hashem at that moment were, “Thank you so much, Dearest Hashem, for the fact that I cannot find my hair covering. I know it is from You, and I feel Your kindness in responding to me as You have.” No sooner did I utter these words than my husband looked down at the bottom of the stairwell to see my snood, wedged between the spindles of the banister on the second step. My gratitude for the minor tribulation I experienced brought the matter to conclusion. I continue to work on tznius as I live in a very secular area of California. With Hashem’s loving grace, may we merit to remember to thank Hashem for any and all inconveniences that come upon us because they are for our best, and may they all add up to counteract trespasses, cleanse us, and help us continue growing in spiritual awareness and love for the Creator. Nothing feels more rejuvenating, uplifting, and significant in our avodas Hashem (our Divine service) than personal prayer. When we talk to Hashem honestly and openly, we are actually bringing Moshiach that much closer because we strengthen the relationship to the Creator. The word “to talk” in Hebrew is masiach, which has the same root as the word “Moshiach” (the Messiah).


When we are upfront, honest, and real with Hashem and when we speak with Him every day in sincerity, He gives us increasing evidence of His involvement in our lives. Our personal connection with Him creates a vessel for His blessings and brings clarity to any issue we may have. Verbal recognition and expressions of gratitude energize the relationship and our belief that He, and only He, runs the world. When we are faced with a challenge of any kind—big or small---may we always remember to thank Hashem as we prepare for miracles due to our sincere gratitude and our dedicated effort to understand how this challenge is just what we need at that moment.


May we all move closer to Hashem, speak to Him often, and feel His Divine Presence in our lives. May we merit the ultimate times when we bring Him home to His Holy Temple in Jerusalem and witness the unification of heaven and earth, may it be very soon. Amen.

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