13 Av 5780 / Monday, August 03, 2020 | Torah Reading: Eikev
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A Daily Reminder – Part 2    

A Daily Reminder – Part 2

You must also remind yourself of the daily foundations of emuna in Hashem in yourself every day. Then not only will you be happier, but you will start having lasting, positive change in your life!


In Part 1, I gave a detailed example of how to speak to Hashem all the time, every day, and ask G-d to help you believe in yourself. 


Now, I want you to continue in this direction to the second stage, which is thanking Hashem for your suffering. After completing the first part of believing in yourself, you must continue to pray and ask Hashem to enable you to truly believe in Him with perfect emuna. These reminders are especially important before any time you want to thank Hashem for a particular problem for a set period of time: 



1. G-d is totally good, and everything G-d does is truly for our best.



“Loving G-d, You love me and You are only good. So, it must be that everything that You are doing to me, is really for the best! No human father ever does something bad to his child! There is no such thing! Even more so, You God, our Father in Heaven, are certainly not doing anything bad to me, your child! 


“Therefore, if You decided to do this to me in any case, then it simply must be good for me! Physically, spiritually – everything is truly for my best. Hashem, enable me to say thank you with my mind, and also with my heart! 


“Thank you Hashem for my suffering. (List here your difficulties or troubles, such as ‘thank you that I still haven’t found my soulmate;’ ‘thank you that I still don’t have children;’ ‘thank you that I still have not overcome X lust or bad desire;’ ‘thank you that I still have not cancelled this bad character trait’ – physical problems, spiritual problems, it doesn’t matter what.) 



2. Our suffering is Hashem's suffering; our pain is His pain.



“For sure, my suffering is also Your suffering. What father doesn’t suffer when his children suffer and struggle? You love me, and You also feel pain over my suffering! Even more, You can easily fix my problem and end my suffering. However, even with all that suffering and the fact that You can easily fix it – still, You don’t change my situation. So it must be that it’s really for the best!  


“Now, I understand even more just how much You love me. It’s easy for You to give me what I want and what I lack, but still you let Yourself suffer and don’t give it to me, because that is really what is best for me.  You are prepared to suffer in order that I should arrive at my true purpose in life! That is true love! Therefore, I certainly need to say thank You for this problem - really, truly, say thank You! 


“Our Father in Heaven, You certainly want to give me what I want, even more than I want to receive it. But You don’t give it to me, because You know that right now, the best thing for me is actually not to have it. Behold, You let go of Your desire to do good for me, and You suffer because of me, in order that I should reach my perfection and personal rectification - so I really need to say thank You! 



3. G-d already wants to give us everything we want in spirituality - we don't need to convince Him.



“Furthermore, You would be so happy to give me what I want! You’ll be even happier than me when You can finally give it to me! And You also let go of Your happiness because this is what is truly best for me right now, so I need to say thank You for that too! 


“Thank You Hashem, that at least I do understand all of this with my mind. Enable my heart to get on board, too. This is the real truth – and I want to live the truth! 



4. Therefore, the only thing you really want is emuna, which means to be totally happy with your situation, and say thank you with your whole heart, which is the highest level of perfect emuna.



“G-d – give me emuna shleima – perfect emuna! Since it is true that You love me and are doing everything for my eternal best, so then, I don’t want anything to change. I only want emuna! I only want to live the truth that it is all for the best, and be happy with my portion. To be happy with what You are giving me, which is really good! I don’t care about anything except emuna! I don’t care about anything except that I will feel and experience this truth in my heart, and be happy! 


“G-d, You are doing all of this to me in order for me to arrive at my purpose in this world, which is to believe in You. Therefore, that’s what I want – to believe in You with emuna shleima! I am in Your good hands, G-d – and You know a lot better than me what is really good for me. So I only want the complete and perfect emuna to be happy with what You are doing for me! To be truly happy, and say thank you with my whole heart!” 



If you still have in your heart even a little desire left for your situation to change, then keep repeating this prayer over and over again, day in and day out, until it goes from you mind to your heart, and you really feel it. 


Most of our suffering comes to us because of our lack of emuna. As I am constantly teaching, there is no suffering without sin. Praying like this strengthens our emuna. Therefore, we are doing teshuva for the sin which caused the suffering – which means that the suffering then gets taken away! But beware – the Evil Inclination will try to get you to pray like this in order to be saved, which defeats the entire point of truly accepting the situation with love, emuna and happiness. The emuna has to be real, to the point that you truly believe it and feel it, and it is not just lip service.  


The truth is that more than anything else, Hashem is pained by our lack of emuna in Him and His goodness. Therefore, when we pray like this, we bring Hashem happiness!  


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