27 Kislev 5782 / Wednesday, December 01, 2021 | Torah Reading: Mikeitz
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A Request You Can't Refuse    

A Request You Can't Refuse

Learn the secret to praying in such a way, that God just can’t refuse your request!


Have you ever met someone who you simply can’t refuse? What’s their secret? 


There are a few aspects which make a request extremely powerful: 

  1. 1. The person is confident that his request will be accepted and in the correctness of his request 

  1. 2. He is decisive and not hesitant in his request 

  1. 3. It does not even cross his mind that he could be refused he is so sure of himself – especially if he knows that fulfilling his request will be good for him, and that you already want to fulfill his request 


Let me give a few examples to bring this concept home: 


  2. 1. A father requests of his son to go to the market and buy a few things. Does the son think it is distasteful to then ask his father for money in order to fulfill his request? Obviously, the son knows that his father is already prepared to give him the money he needs to fulfill his task – all he has to do is ask. The son isn’t hesitant when he requests the money or considers to himself whether or not he deserves the money, or wonders whether or not his father will really give it to him. The son’s request for money is almost not a request, it is so superfluous.  

  1. 2. A daughter does not dress modestly, and she knows that her parents are greatly pained about it. One day, she decides to repent. However, the simple reality is that now she must request money from her parents in order to buy new, modest clothes for herself. Does she have any doubt that they will immediately give her the money she needs, with happiness and relief? She knows full well that they want to give her money to buy new clothes, even more than she wants it... 

The common denominator of these examples is that the children are confident that their request will be accepted. So too, when you make a request of your Father in Heaven with the same attitude, and the same absolute confidence – it's very hard to refuse such a request! Your prayers will be answered – immediately! 


However, if you are unsure of yourself when you pray, without believing in yourself and the correctness of your request, and without being 100% sure that your Father in Heaven already wants to answer you – it's very hard to get your requests fulfilled. 


This is why belief in yourself is the key to praying properly. Everyone knows that Hashem has all the power and can do anything and everything, and that everything is in His hands, and that He is good and full of mercy. The question is only – do you believe in yourself? This is the emuna that we need in order to have our prayers answered. 



The Fundamentals of Belief in Yourself 


Once again, the fundamentals of belief in yourself are: 


  2. 1. Believe that you are good. Even if you see that you have bad desires, you know that this isn’t the real you. The bad inside of you upsets you – which means that really, you are good! This is your true essence, and true desire. 


  1. 2. Believe that Hashem knows that you are good. God places inside of you a neshama - a holy soul, which is a spark of God Himself. Therefore, just like God is all good – so too, the neshama is all good, and the real you – it is your soul! God created you this way, so He knows that this is true – and therefore, He believes in you. 


  2. 3. Believe that you have the power to overcome your Evil Inclination (Yetzer Hara). God does not give someone a test that they cannot pass. If you will only but believe in the power of your soul, nothing in this world can stop you! 


  2. 4. God wants you to succeed. God created the entire world for your spiritual success, which is to do His will. Therefore, He wants you to succeed! He wants to give you everything that you need in order to succeed! He is stands ready, just waiting for you to ask for His help to do His will, and immediately He will help you. 


  2. 5. Believe that you are requesting for the sake of God. All of your requests are things you need in order to do His will and come close to Him, and therefore, they are really for His sake, not yours. 


  2. 6. Believe that God knows all of this – and therefore, He will certainly fulfill your request. 



The Fundamentals of Life 


If you don’t pray with these fundamentals, then you feel that you need to convince Hashem to give you what you want. You feel like it’s distasteful to ask so much of Hashem: “Who am I, and what is my life, and why am I worth anything at all that God should answer little me...” You have doubts about yourself and whether your prayers will be answered. This isn’t just an utter lack of emuna – it's absolute lies as well. 


Even more importantly, if you will work to really believe in these fundamentals, you will gain awesome self-confidence and self-esteem, which will positively affect your entire life. Self-confidence isn’t just something nice – it is an existential need, and the foundation of being able to succeed in life. 


Moreover, these fundamentals apply to everyone around you as well! Therefore, as you work to believe in yourself – work on believing in every Jew. Judge every Jew positively. Believe in the holy soul he also possesses. Believe that Hashem “does not desire that the sinner should die, only that he should repent and live!” The sins should cease – but not the sinners! 


Therefore, before you pray, or want to repent, or work on yourself - take a few moments to review these fundamentals, because they really aren’t just the fundamentals of belief in yourself – they are the fundamentals of life itself.  


Your first task is to believe in yourself, because once you pray with belief in yourself – your prayers will be intense, filled with perfect emuna and total confidence in Hashem. You can be certain that such prayers will be accepted, and bear fruit. 


Therefore, make sure you are constantly reviewing this article, and my previous articles on belief in yourself: The Secret WeaponThe Ultimate Solution, and Escape the Mouse Trap. Then certainly, all your prayers will be answered – fast! 



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