15 Kislev 5781 / Tuesday, December 01, 2020 | Torah Reading: Vayishlach
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Corona: You Can Only Rely on God    

Corona: You Can Only Rely on God

God is bringing us to a situation where the only thing to rely on, is God Himself. It’s a prophesy, and it’s happening now! Corona is just part of this process...


Rebbe Nachman of Breslev teaches: “Know that the exile is only because of a lack of emuna!” 


Therefore, God is bringing the world to such a state, that there will be nothing and no one to lean on besides God Himself. We will be forced to believe! We will be forced to have emuna, because there will be no other choice! And then we will finally fix our lack of emuna, which brought us into exile, and therefore, we will be redeemed from exile once and for all! 


Coronavirus is just part of this process! (for much more on Coronavirus, see my series: Rabbi Arush on Coronavirus).


The Gemara at the end of Sotah (49) says: “During the footsteps of Moshiach (that’s NOW), brazenfaced-ness (chutzpa) will increase. You speak to someone and in the course of conversation, you comment about something or criticize him… oy va voy, you will see what is chutzpa (to be brazenfaced)! “The expensive will rise.” Inflation will be increased, and prices will go up and up. “The grapevine will give its fruit, and the wine will be expensive.” You might think that because there are lots of grapes, then wine will be cheap. But no, it will be expensive! There will be food, but at what price? “The government will become heretical.” The rest you can read for yourself, it all explains itself – everything we see happening now, in our days. 


What’s the end of that section? “And on what can we rely on? Only on our Father in Heaven.” My son Rav Nachman asked me if this was advice (meaning that during these difficult times, we should only rely on Hashem), or is it a prophesy? And I realized – this is indeed a prophesy of what will be! Of the difficult situation that is going to occur. But as I explained above, even this really difficult situation will be for the best. It will force us to strengthen our emuna in a way that we haven’t managed until now to do, and that will bring the Redemption that we need so badly. 


Right now, you cannot rely on anything. Not even the Rabbis! Not even the tzaddikim! Everything is closed, even for us! You must only rely on Hashem, and trust Hashem!  


Speak to your Father in Heaven, just like you would speak to your friend. Ask for everything you need. Use the Chok Todah – The Law of Thanking – 15 minutes of saying thank you in your own words for the difficulty or problem, and 8 times Psalm 100, Mizmor L’Todah. You’ll have whatever you need! Income, food, whatever. The law says that when you say thank you, the suffering will be cancelled. Use it!  


The most essential point is realizing that we are zero. We have no power, we have no control, and we cannot do anything. Hashem is the Only Power and He takes care of us only in His mercy – not because we deserve anything, or are anything on our own. The more we will work on recognizing our own nothingness, the more we work on our humility to recognize that we are nothing and can do nothing on our own, the easier it will be for us! We must come to a deep recognition that we must ask God for everything because nothing is coming to us automatically – not our next breath, not our next meal, not our next mortgage payment – nothing! The more we will work on feeling that we are nothing before Hashem now, the less Hashem will have to force us to recognize this truth later… 


Be very strong to learn emuna and speak words of emuna, which will help strengthen you even more.  


Even more, distribute emuna in whatever way you can – and especially Likutei Moharan, which is shield, and guards against sickness, is a segula for healing, protects the house from fire and dangers, and more – even if you don’t learn from it. When most Jewish homes will have a Likutei Moharan – the Redemption will come with mercy!  


The entire world is currently being judged – those who have emuna in Hashem, and those who don’t This is the time to strengthen your emuna – there is not much time left! 


And those who distribute emuna,  the  Chok  Todah,  and  Likutei  Moharan have a portion in bringing the Redemption and will merit huge salvations. 




A few notes and additions from the Editor: 

* Rabbi Alon Anava commented in a recent lecture about the Coronavirus something which deepens Rabbi Arush’s words on recognizing that we are nothing. Here, we built systems, cultures, economies, governments, international air travel, and much more. And all of it has been stopped by something so tiny that we cannot even see it! Hashem said so to speak: Oh you are so powerful? You built all this? You did all this? I will bring all of it to a halt with the tiniest of My creatures, to show you just how much you are nothing, and you have no “might of my right hand.” 


* Make sure to read and re-read Niflaot HaTodah if you can read Hebrew, which explains this concept very well, as well as our own articles translated by Rabbi Arush on this subject, including Know your Place and others in this series. To see the entire series, see the links below. 


* The usual distribution channels are quite difficult right now, granted that we cannot meet with people let alone leave our homes, or even send emuna books and CDs by mail. However, you can share this article and others like it with your friends via email or social media. You can speak to friends and family on the phone. If you speak Hebrew or know others who do, you can listen to hours of classes on every topic including Coronavirus on the Kav Emuna: 02-6444-250 (Israel). 


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