28 Av 5781 / Friday, August 06, 2021 | Torah Reading: Re'eh
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My “Gay Pride” Parade    

My “Gay Pride” Parade

It was a parade with lots of supporters - secular and religious neighbors greeted us with an enthusiastic Shabbat Shalom! What was the parade about? Read on!


When you're with the Flintstones 
Have a yabba-dabba-doo time 
A dabba-doo time 
We'll have a gay old time 

  • The Flintstones 


Gay. Noun. Lighthearted and carefree. Ex: The streets were gay and full of people. 


Pride.Noun.(SATISFACTION). Afeeling of pleasure and satisfaction that you get because you or peopleconnected with you have done something good. 

(Courtesy of the Cambridge Dictionary) 



Shabbat is a day in paradise.  


I get up at 7AM, make coffee, and meet my wife on the balcony.  The cool Jezreel Valley morning breeze brushes over us. We sip our liquid bliss in total silence. It’s summer. Were outside. It will be 100 degrees Fahrenheit today, but it isn’t now.  


By 7:30 our kids are up. Our youngest joins us on the balcony. Her bubbly charm breaks the silence. She starts talking about her favorite subject: cats.  


By 8AM mommy serves the kids their special Shabbat breakfast in the kitchen. I pour another two cups of coffee and take them to the balcony. The birds fly just overhead. The mountains sing in the distance. My wife smiles in anticipation as two huge pieces of Smitanic, Russian cake, adorn the table.  


Breakfast is served.  


The kids run in and out. We eat slowly, relishing every tiny bite.  


We talk about everything and nothing.  


No smartphones. No computers. No screens. No distractions.  


Shabbat is God’s greatest gift to His children.  



Will we Stay or Will we Go 

Sometimes we fall into such a deep state of peace we don’t make it to shul. They are very rare occasions, but they happen.  


“Don’t even think about it, David, commanded my wife.  


“How do you know what I was thinking?” 


She didn’t even justify that comment with a rebuttal.  


The Jewish people had a bad week. We put up a Sodomite flag on a government ministry and the next day Coronavirus came back in full force. It’s just like today’s Torah portion. We committed harlotry with the prostitutes of Moab and Hashem sent us a plague. We had a Sodomite parade yesterday. The exact moment this exhibition of abomination began, we had to start wearing masks.” 


I sat up straight on our couch. The blood returned to my face.  


“We have to tell God we love Him. We have to show our Father that not all of us are committing such evil. He needs to see His children grateful for Shabbat, for the Land of Israel, for family. We need a parade of our own. A parade of loyalty. A parade of pride in who we are. What we represent. Why we are here. On to shul!” 


Our “Gay Pride” parade consisted of the five of us proudly marching the 35 minutes to shul in the sweltering heat. It was our act of loyalty to our Father. Our petition to our King that we want Israel to remain a Jewish State and not the 2.0 version of Sodom. The bug in that program still exists – so the application is still fatal.  


We got up from our couch and went inside. A half-hour later, the girls were in their best dresses, as was mommy. Daddy and Ari were in button down shirts and pants. We had our prayer bag out, tzitzit dangling, kippas on our heads, with smiles for everyone.  


It was a parade with lots of supporters. On the way to shul, both secular and religious neighbors greeted us with an enthusiastic Shabbat Shalom!  


They do their march once a year in a handful of cities. We do it every week, in every street.  


God willing, we’re winning. 



Bennett at the Buzzer 

The week was tough, but it ended well.  


Sunday mornings paper talked about Prime Minster Naftali Bennett reaching out to the Governor of Florida to offer assistance to the  residents  of the Surfside apartment building that collapsed suddenly in the middle of the night 


The media was quick to point out that the conversation took place Saturday night.  


Nobody never talked about what Bibi did on Saturday night? Why point out that this conversation took place in the evening?  


The media will use every opportunity to remind the world that Mr. Bennett is the Jewish leader of the Jewish nation. He observes the Torah and does not publicly desecrate Shabbat. 


For the next two years, the BBC, CNN, and New York Times will mention in a single sentence, IDF maneuvers, Middle East diplomacy, and the glue that binds Naftali Bennet’s kippa to his head 


As Bilaam said, we are a nation that dwells alone. I don’t condone what Bennet did to get into power or the monsters he unleashed upon us to hold it. But in his first week, Naftali Bennett gave us a reason to feel a twinge of pride in being an Israeli and Jewish 


* * * 

David Ben Horin lives in Afula with his wife and children. Since moving to Israel in 2002, David has discovered Torah, writing hi-tech, hiking, coding ReactJS Apps, and hearing stories about the Land of Israel from anyone excited to tell them. Check him out on Highway 60 or email him your favorite Israel story at:  david.ben.horin@spreadyourenthusiasm.com.


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