15 Sivan 5779 / Tuesday, June 18, 2019 | Torah Reading: Shelach Lecho
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Ultimate Marriage    

Ultimate Marriage

A peaceful loving marriage is life's most precious commodity. It's the only blessing that insures G-d's other blessings such as peace, happiness, spiritual growth...


Ultimate Marriage
A Six-Week Emuna Coaching Program
By Rabbi Dr. Zev Ballen



The purpose of marriage
A peaceful loving marriage is life's most precious commodity. It's the only blessing that insures G-d's other blessings such as peace, happiness, spiritual growth, abundant income, good health, fertility, healthy children, and more!
Why does marital peace rank first in serving G-d?
Because it is the primary receptacle of Divine Illumination and blessing for your life! The more  blissful and fulfilling a marriage you have, the more you'll feel G-d's  presence filling your home.
The expression that a man and his wife are one soul is not some simple platitude that sounds nice to the ear - it is a spiritual reality and the blueprint for the Ultimate Marriage coaching program.
How to succeed
With Ultimate Marriage you'll see extraordinary success because of our uncompromising  adherence to the teachings of master coach and spiritual guide, Rabbi Shalom Arush; whose track record as a marital coach is nothing less than phenomenal.
Over the past four decades, Rabbi Arush has personally helped tens of thousands of people to discover their own personal formula for marital bliss.  Millions more people have found comfort and inspiration in the books of Rabbi Arush.  His every word resonates with consummate wisdom and truth  and bring a person closer to G-d.
How has Rabbi Shalom Arush successfully diagnosed the root spiritual ills of today's marriages and prescribed remedies that work when psychological science has not?
Simple.  Rabbi Arush's teachings are firmly girded in the perfect wisdom of Talmudic and Jewish esoteric thought. His teachings are crystal clear yet full of deep inner secrets that fill couples with a longing for each other and G-d.
We don't know of a couple, who has earnestly implemented Rabbi Arush's advice ,who have not seen a major subsequent improvement in their marital harmony and bliss.  There isn't a counselor or psychotherapist alive who can rival Rabbi Arush. His phenomenal record of success is simply incomparable. 

How it started

It startedwhen Rabbi Arush appointed his devoted student, Rabbi Dr. Zev Ballen, the mission of developing a marital enrichment program based on his teachings. Before he committed his life to learning Torah and spreading the teachings of Rabbi Arush throughout the world, Dr. Ballen was a psychotherapist with more than three decades of experience. Drawing from his deep well of clinical experience and his spiritual training under Rabbi Arush, Dr. Zev Ballen has created a bold and innovative approach to coaching couples. Ultimate Marriage works quickly by motivating, elevating and  transforming couples to levels of connectedness and fulfillment that they never knew before.

How it works
First you'll be empowered to believe in yourself and your marriage. Next you'll be helped to break through whatever has been blocking you from creating the extraordinary marriage that you've always wanted. Then you'll develop a passionate vision of what you want your marriage to become. And finally we'll provide you with the spiritual tools and strategies that are helping so many others.  We'll give you all of the support, follow-up and accountability that you'll need to succeed. Before long you'll be feeling more confident, more joyful, more productive and more in love than you've ever felt before. Your marital bond will become a deep well from which you'll draw inner strength and conviction, mental composure, and a zest for life that you'll share together for many years to come.

What people are saying about Ultimate Marriage
Couple One: Saved from divorce

"I can't believe that this was all we had to do! It worked so fast! We were about to get divorced. What a tragedy that would have been. I'm embarrassed to say how simple it was for us to fall in love again!During the session, I literally felt something being lifted off me. I haven't been the same person since that day. Now my love for my wife knows no bounds. There isn't anything that I wouldn't do for her.  I owe this program my life!"
Couple Two: 'Our children are the greatest beneficiaries'
"For the first time, in our marriage, my husband and I are a team. Of course the greatest beneficiaries of this are our children. They see that we're so madly in love that they are also treating each other with more love and kindness. This, in turn, has brought indescribable happiness into the whole family. On Chanukah, after candle-lighting our whole family was lit up like a ball of fire sent from Heaven. We are so grateful to you and Rabbi Arush. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"
Couple three: Floating on air
"We left your office floating on air. That one session was enough to show  me that my husband is the real deal, and that I don't have to worry about him 'pretending' to love me anymore; and it also reassured my husband that I am together with him 100%. Obviously Hashem is helping you in your work. May you continue to see great success and be blessed to help many more people."
Couple four: Tired of being roommates
"My wife and I came to you because we were tired of being "good roommates." As strange as it sounds, the problem was that never in our marriage did either of us feel love for each other. We didn't even know what love was. As miraculous as it sounds, in our first session, I felt I was given a brand new soul. I haven't been the same since and neither has my marriage. My wife and I still have our ups and downs but it's completely different now because we feel such a powerful incredible love for each other that we never had before. I would never have believed this was possible if I hadn't experienced it myself. G-d bless you and Rabbi Arush!"
Miraculous transformations
These  4 case studies involved four very different types of couples, who had very different circumstances. But in each instance, I was privileged to witness them breakthrough and lift their marriages to a higher level. And these changes all happened literally within a few minutes, or an hour or two. The pace of change that I'm seeing with our Ultimate Marriage program is the fastest I've seen in more than three decades as a psychotherapist.

Program structure

The program works best when both partners are coached together although it's possible for men and women to be coached separately, or, in some cases, for only one partner to receive coaching. The program is flexible in this respect. 
There are a total of 6  coaching sessions. Each session is 1.5 hours in length. The sessions can take place either personally in Israel, over Skype or on the phone.

Program materials

  • A pdf copy of our beautifully illustrated workbook (separate workbooks for men and women) immediately upon enrollment
  • Books by Rabbi Shalom Arush:  Women's Wisdom (for women) and the Garden of Peace(for men)
  • English CD's of Rabbi Arush's teachings that reinforce each week's themes and topics
  • 18 Ultimate Marriage Tools
  • Progress rating scales
  • Individualized Personal Prayer Coaching
  • Discussion of weekly readings
  • Helpful questionnaires and lists
  • Specific measurable Goals for each session and week
  • Support, feedback, and close personal involvement with your coach
  • Step-by-outline
  • Prescribed morning and evening rituals
  • Special prayers written by Rabbi Arush
  • Spiritual Meditations
  • Strength-based solution-focused approach
  • Guided visualization
  • Rapid Relaxation training


Program costs


 Rabbi Lazer Brody's Endorsement

With Hashem's loving grace, it's my pleasure and privilege to give my wholehearted endorsement to Dr. Zev Ballen and his revolutionary "Ultimate Marriage" coaching program. Any person who participates in this program, which is solidly based on traditional Jewish teachings, will certainly see enhanced marital bliss and blessings, both material and spiritual. A happy marriage is tantamount to a personal redemption, and the more people attain their personal redemption, the sooner we'll see our national redemption and the coming of Moshiach, speedily in our days, amen!

For more information about the Ultimate Marriage Program please call 1-718-577-2975 (or from Israel 02-532-3339), or email staff@breslev.co.il




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