19 Iyar 5779 / Friday, May 24, 2019 | Torah Reading: Bechukotai
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  Numbness happened slowly
It reminds me of the "boiling frog" story about how if you toss a frog into boiling water, it feels the pain and jumps out but if you bring the water to a boil gradually, the frog will stay in the water and boil to death. Maybe society has become like the frog in the water being gradually brought to a boil?
Kathy8/4/2012 3:20:54 PM
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  do you see their tears after the party, before they go to bed?
"Why are people going to clubs at all? What are they looking for?" Deep down they're looking for HaShem, just like every one else. "How many of us really feel the pain of another person?" A lot of people, who most likely don't know what to practically do about it. You honestly think Ms. Kardashian doesn't feel utterly and completely empty inside? She is also made in HaShem's image. Are you praying that she become B'nei Noach? Do you see the tears these people shed alone every night?
Nechemiah8/2/2012 1:30:49 AM
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  This article really resonated with me.
As a child of the 80s/90s, I really feel what you are saying. One of the things that attracted me to both Torah life and Israel is the fact that I was allowed to have emotions, which America culturally doesn't let you have. When I talk to my Jewish friends who are totally secular and intermarried (if they married at all), I hear a lot of numbness. One of those friends even told me that many of her friends are getting divorced now and don't really even seem to know why. They came together and now are drifting apart....and the effect on the children? No big deal.... All my generation of friends, cousins and siblings are getting married around 30 (after having lived together for years), then having 1 or 2 kids and a dog -- or no kids at all. The most important thing for them is to be comfortable -- in other words, pleasantly numb. So many people aren't even looking for fulfillment or meaning anymore. Another secular Jewish friend of mine who has always been a genius and is now a top researcher once told me that she always considered me smarter than her. How could that be??? I certainly wasn't the one acing honors calculus in high school! But she said, "Well, you always think about things. Like, you really think about whether there is a G-d and and stuff, and you go exploring it." I never considered that wondering about such things is a sign of intelligence. Au contraire, I get the heebie-jeebies just considering the possibility that everything is random and meaningless -- thank G-d it's not! Generation N -- that says it all.
Dassie7/31/2012 5:08:13 PM
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  Consequences of Generation Numb, Geulah meaning, etc
I find it interesting that you mentioned the assumption today is that most women are assumed to have lost their purity, since the effects of men facing the prospect of chasing after an increasing number of ruined hypergamous women / single-moms / divorcees or “born-again-virgins” for marriage / relationships / approval are only just beginning to be felt in the wider secular world and not in a good way as evident in the declining birth and marriage rates across the developed world except for the misogynist Ishmaelite / 3rd world communities in the west. Many men (regardless of whether they have benefited from how things are today or not) have become numb to guilt tactics/shaming language calling on them to “man up” to the point where they are beginning to adopt ideas from the MGTOW* / Ghosting* movement by not marrying or pursuing relationships, taking on an atheistic view of true love / soulmates, selfishly indulging in various escapisms instead of altruistically working themselves to death supporting others and even refusing to uphold their unenviable role as the builders, maintainers, contributors, inventors and defenders of civilisation by disengaging from a society they no longer care about or have any affection or loyalty towards and can one really blame them? Perhaps there is some Geulah meaning to it all and a sign of the World of Lies finally falling to make way for the World of Truth, perhaps the sexes can be reconciled and learn to embrace unconditional love instead of dependent love by on appearance / status / resources / etc. *Men Going Their Own Way *Ghosting describes a lifestyle whereby a man chooses to live his life solely for himself, his own attainments, and his own leisure, valuing his personal integrity over the pursuit of women (that can also arguably be described as the secular equivalent of Guarding One’s Eyes).
Anonymous,7/30/2012 2:23:50 AM
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