3 Kislev 5778 / Tuesday, November 21, 2017 | Torah Reading: Vayeitzei
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  I prayed with him Vatikin on Shavuot at Mearat Hamachpelah a few years ago...

... And many other times too in Hevronl I can tell you that my experience of him was that his Tefillah can pierce the Heavens; once praying with him at Mearat Hamachpelah, I had a very clear vision that he is Eliyahu Hanavi! Take it or leave it, but I believe he can surely qualify. What a Tsaddik, I am lucky to have gotten that close to him, B"H.

DS6/14/2016 1:25:33 PM
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  Pure & Holy Like A Malach
When I visited the land I knew I had to daven vasikin at the Kosel & there he was, I never saw somebody daven with so much heart in my entire life, he was pure fire! I didn't know he was a Rav because his clothing was semi tattered but I knew I wanted a Bracha from such a Tzaddik, which he very kindly gave me. 7 years later I'm very happy to learn his name. It was a special experience & he is a very special Tzaddik. Thanks for the article.
Ely3/3/2014 10:36:13 PM
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  One of the Greatest tzadikim of our Time - The Honor of the Torah is Uplifted through him.
I feel its a privilege to have even looked into one or two of his Holy Holy sefarim. No name displayed no Haskama just has his name Yaakov the son of the Rabbi Rav Yehuda Adess.
Yaakov1/1/2013 1:42:41 AM
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  dont agree
I personally think, that R. Adas personally is lacking certain good esential caracterisics...this is my impression from the past. I think he is so much into his studies that he does not see man. I am sure that he knows a lot of Torah, and wrote a lot of books...question to whom...I know that I am 1 from 1000 that would write this...but I saw him in life...and when I asked him for help he did not help me...it was only a question to answer..thats all.
Shlomo Kocsis12/29/2012 9:00:12 PM
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