15 Av 5780 / Wednesday, August 05, 2020 | Torah Reading: Eikev
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 Emuna Stories Emuna Stories
A Life for a Life  
  A Life for a Life  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 7/24/2020, 17:55
The young lady who was active in spreading emuna never fathomed that by giving someone else an emuna book, she'd be saving her own life in the most unbelievable way...  

In Hashem  
  In Hashem's Hands  
By Yehudit Channen
Update date: 7/5/2020, 14:25
For days after the accident, it seemed as if people got rooted to the spot, a place that was both horrible because of the accident and holy because of who died there…  

All for the Best  
  All for the Best  
By Shai Mor
Update date: 7/5/2020, 11:44
If we only focus on isolated painful events in our lives we lose focus of the big picture, the ultimate good that Hashem is preparing for each of us; that's the big picture …  

The Fainting Neighbor  
  The Fainting Neighbor  
By Racheli Reckles
Update date: 7/5/2020, 12:53
Two of my kids had just headed out the door, and suddenly, my oldest one runs back in, screaming, “Ima! A lady fell down in the parking lot!”  

Emuna in the Craziest Place  
  Emuna in the Craziest Place  
By Dovber HaLevi
Update date: 5/28/2020, 14:25
Nobody needs to wait for Hashem to accept an invite to connect on LinkedIN, or to call back, or to set up an interview. He is ready to hear from you right now…  

The Beautiful Window  
  The Beautiful Window  
By Jenn Safra
Update date: 7/5/2020, 08:35
Lefkowitz was confined to a wheel-chair, but that didn't take away from his constantly happy spirit. On the other hand, his roommate Friedman was blind and disgruntled…  

Miracle on the Road  
  Miracle on the Road  
By Breslev Israel staff
Update date: 6/22/2020, 10:52
My "gut reaction" was an "emuna reaction". I walked away from a major accident with hardly a scrape, but that’s not the real miracle…  

Baruch Hashem, It Couldn  
  Baruch Hashem, It Couldn't Be Worse  
By David Ben Horin
Update date: 1/20/2020, 00:25
What do you do in those times when every fiber of your being has had it with Hashem? What do you do when the last thing you want is to believe?  

  What's an Old Lady Doing Here?  
By Tamar Becker
Update date: 3/23/2020, 10:24
During those months of job searching, it seemed to me that nothing was moving. However, behind the scenes, Hashem was moving worlds to bring me the perfect job.  

A Test of Trust  
  A Test of Trust  
By Channa Coggan
Update date: 7/5/2020, 18:21
Our true level of emuna is revealed only in "crunch time" - will we pass the test?  

Clinging to the Rock  
  Clinging to the Rock  
By Rivka Malka Perlman
Update date: 7/6/2020, 07:21
It had been nearly a decade and a half of infertility. Rachel had finally gotten pregnant and then lost the baby. It was time to try again and she was more than scared…  

The Lost Check  
  The Lost Check  
By Racheli Reckles
Update date: 1/12/2020, 15:52
I was in a near panic attack. We had zero left in the bank, automatic withdrawals that could be going out at any minute, and a completely incompetent insurance company…  

A Debt of Gratitude  
  A Debt of Gratitude  
By Yehuda Gerlitz
Update date: 4/25/2020, 21:20
Saying thank-You to the Creator in seemingly impossible circumstances is the fastest path to salvation.  

The Language of Lyme  
  The Language of Lyme's Disease - Part 2  
By Pinney Wolman
Update date: 2/9/2020, 09:30
My worries were piling up: being physically disabled, being unable to continue my job as a trainer, or even death, I realized that the Lymes was nothing more than a message…  

Emuna with Lyme  
  Emuna with Lyme's Disease - Part 1  
By Pinney Wolman
Update date: 2/9/2020, 09:29
My worries were piling up: being physically disabled, being unable to continue my job as a trainer, even death; I realized that I still had a lot of fear to overcome…  

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