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   9 Cheshvan 5779 / Thursday, October 18, 2018 | Torah Reading Lech Lecha       
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How to Shop
Steps to Order
Shipping Policy
Privacy Policy and Security
Canceling Your Order
Additional Details
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General Information  
Click the “Store” bar in the Main Menu or Toolbar to enter the Breslev Israel Shop. The direct URL is:

The Shop's homepage features special offers and sale items, listed as “Products of the Day.”
Selected items are also listed on the Home Page of Products of the Day are updated Sunday mornings.

Products that are not in stock are removed from the website.

How to Shop  
If you know the exact product you are looking for, use the search engine (pictured below, found at the top of the Breslev Israel Shop homepage) to find it.

Type in the product's name, the book's author or publisher, etc., and click on GO.

Search The Store

To browse, select a topic from the list of categories (pictured below) that can be found under “Store” in the Main Menu on the left side of the page.

Main Menu

Click on any category (Books, Pamphlets and Booklets, Prayers, Judaica, Music, Segulot, Rabbi Shalom Arush’s Lessons) to view the category's Products of the Day. When you click on the category, a list of subcategories will open. Click on the subcategory to see the sale items and all the other items in the subcategory listed in alphabetical order below.

Click on pictures to enlarge and see additional details.
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Steps to Order  
A. Click on the icon “Add to Cart” pictured here:

Add To Cart

To receive a discount on bulk orders (more than fifty of any particular product) please contact our Service Department directly. “0” in the quantity box automatically cancels the order.

IMPORTANT — Press “Update” each time you make a change in your order.

At any point you may return to the store and continue shopping.

B. After your order is completed, click on the “Checkout” icon, pictured below:

Shopping Cart

C. This brings you to a secure site. Some browsers will present the following warning:

Secure Site Warning

But if you look on the bottom right, you will see a closed lock, which indicates a secure site, as below:

Closed Lock

(For more information about the site’s security system click here)
If you have already purchased at our online store, you will be asked to fill in your email address and password. If you are a new customer, click on “New Customer” to fill out form. Please fill in the correct information so that the order will arrive at the correct destination. In the event that an order is returned due to incorrect shipping information, you will be billed for the shipping and handling costs. The law prohibits deliberately providing false information.
If you have forgotten your password, click “Forgot Password.” You password will be emailed to you within 30 seconds.

REMEMBER: Any changes made in your order or account information must be entered with a click on the “Update” icon or it will not be updated.

Step 1:
It is important for us to have your correct home address and telephone number, so that we can contact you if there are any difficulties in filling your order. You can change the shipping address if your order is not to be sent to your place of residence.

Step 2:
The order can only be purchased by credit card.
A. Customers 18 years and older may purchase with a valid credit card from Visa, American Express, Diner’s Club and Mastercard.

The Breslev Israel Shop allows five (5) payments without interest and linkage (for Israeli credit card holders). International credit card companies limit credit to one payment.
After completing the form, click “Continue.” The secure server will connect you to your credit card company to receive confirmation of the transaction.

Step 3:
Once the transaction has been confirmed, click on “Press here for final confirmation of your order” to finalize the transaction. A message box will appear if the credit card company refuses to confirm the transaction. The Breslev Israel Shop's advanced technology transfers your credit card information directly to your company, without saving information on our server. In addition to using a high security site, information is erased the moment the transaction is completed (For more information about the site’s security system click here).
The transaction will appear in your credit card statement as “Chut Shel Chesed.” It is also possible to place an order and pay at a later date. A representative of Breslev Israel Shop will call within 72 hours to arrange payment. If you choose this option, click on the box:
“If you want to order and to pay later please click here.”

At any time you may call the Service Department and receive additional information or technical assistance at: 972-2-532-3339 (02-532-3339 in Israel)
or email:

Once you have finished placing your order you will immediately receive a conformation to the email address you provided. Please save the conformation for future reference.
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Shipping Policy  

Shipping in Israel is either by regular mail, or Express mail which arrives with a messenger. Both options usually arrive within a week, maximum 14 days. The minimum cost for shipping is 3 1/2 NIS, the maximum is 44 NIS.

The options for overseas shipping are: Surface mail, Airmail and EMS Express. We do not recommend surface mail as it can take up to three months to arrive. Airmail and EMS Express both usually arrive within two weeks with a maximum of 21 business days. EMS Express orders are brought to your home via messenger. We recommend comparing the prices of Airmail and EMS, as EMS is less expensive with larger orders. We can only provide tracking numbers for EMS mail of Surface mail, not airmail.

For information about airmail rates, see the following websites:

Israeli mail:
EMS (International Shipping):

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Privacy Policy and Security  
The Breslev Israel Shop customer data base is registered and approved by the Israeli Registry of Information. We promise not transfer any private information.
Our website is protected by one of the most advanced technologies in the world. has received approval of the international Thawte Company and international credit card companies to make secure transactions using SSL technology that enables the encryption of numbers and letters that can only be decoded by the authorized agencies.

All the information is kept on a separate, secure server, owned solely by Breslev Israel uses one of the most advance systems to protect our website from hackers 24/7.
In addition to these strict security measures, we hire the services of a professional security company that checks for possible breaks in the security and provides continual updates in the system.

Credit card numbers are NEVER stored in our database. They are passed directly to the credit card companies at the time of the transaction and erased from our system.

These strict security measures, used by the leading companies worldwide, are designed to protect the privacy of our customers.
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Canceling Your Order  
Orders may be cancelled within fourteen days of placing the order.
Cancellation is made through notifying the Sales Department at:
Orders are considered cancelled once you have received a receipt of notification from the Sales Department.
In the case of a cancellation, the customer will be charged a cancellation fee of five percent (5%) of the purchase price, but no more than NIS 100 (one hundred Shekels).
If the order had already been shipped, the customer is obligated to return the item to Breslev Israel.
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Additional Details  
1. The website managers reserve the exclusive right to make any changes, but no changes may be made after an item has been purchased.
2. All pictures are for illustrative purposes only.

The recommended browser is Explorer 5.5 and above.
The recommended screen resolution is 1024/768 pixels, with medium sized fonts.

For Orders:
Telephone: In Israel: 02-532-3339
Internationally: 972-2-532-3339

Website Administrator:
Telephone: In Israel: 052-896-4141
Internationally: 972-52-896-4141

Website Ownership
Chut Shel Chesed Institutions
Rechov Shmuel HaNavi 13
Jerusalem, Israel

Telephone: In Israel: 02-581-2210
Internationally: 972-2-581-2210
Fax: In Israel: 02-581-2252
Internationally: 972-2-581-2252

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! We try to give our clientele the best attention and service possible.
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Contact Us  
For additional information:

Telephone: In Israel: 02-532-3339
Internationally: 972-2-532-3339

Cellular: In Israel: 052-896-4141
Internationally: 972-52-896-4141

Costumer Service: If you have any questions, please fill in the following form and we will contact you within 72 hours.

  *   First Name:    
  *   Last Name:    
  *   Phone Number:    
  *   Email Address:      
  *   Subject:    
  *   Content:    



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