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Publisher   Mi Alma Fuerte

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov (1772-1810) was one of the most original thinkers in the world of Judaism. The cradle of his birth was rooted in the world of the Hasidic movement, being the grandson of the founder of Rabbi Yisrael Baal Shem Tov. In his short and turbulent life, Rabbi Nachman broke through a new and unique way, which remains essential and fascinating even today. His teachings and sayings are common and well-known, his books are studied by people of all ages and streams. His burial place in the city of Uman, Ukraine has become one of the most well-known places in the Jewish world. Tens of thousands of people travel to his grave throughout the year, especially on Rosh HaShannah, according to his will and request.


Rabbi Nachman's teachings were printed in his books ("Likuti Mohran", "Rebbe Nachman'sTales" and "The Book of Middot") and in the books of his great disciple Rabbi Natan. In his teachings, Rabbi Nachman provided a unique way of faith and joy, of dealing with life's difficulties out of strength and hope, love Eretz Yisrael and Yisrael, and special guidance for each person to discover the poetry of life by seeking the good points in themselves and others. His ideas are a source of learning and a way of life for his followers, and an inspiration for writers and poets, intellectuals and artists.

This collection contains:

  • The book of months of the year - "Always Happy" - Beliefs and strengths around the yearly cycle, by Rabbi Nachman of Breslev, the book contains 24 pages of album format in Hebrew and English, and contains ideas around the year from Rabbi Nachman's Torahs. The book does not exist in the market and can only be purchased in this package. The book was written by Rabbi Ofer Gissin, editor of the volume "Rabbi Nachman of Breslav" in the "With the Book" series of "Yedioth Books" and editor-in-chief of the new series of writings of Rabbi Nachman of Breslav published by the Avan Shatiya Institute.


  • Breslev Chassidic Songs CD - A unique production performed by the finest singers and musicians, including 13 melodies composed by Rabbi Nachman of Breslev and his students, with unique and original adaptations and musical production by Itzik Lichtenfeld, who was the producer of popular Israeli bands ("Mashina").


The songs on the souvenir album are performed by the best Braslav Hasidic singers: Shuli Rand, Abraham Abbott, Israel Dagan, Adi Ran, Aharon Razal and Joseph Kardoner. Also featured are the best Jewish music players on the disc such as clarinet player Hilik Frank, violinist Gadi Pogatch, and guitarist and processor Nachman Halevitz. Singer Shuli Rand performs on the song the song Weed Song as well as an exciting performance of the song Friend of the Soul in a special Breslev tune.


  • Special Stamp Issue - A unique issue commemorating the work and image of Rabbi Nachman, the stamp shows the tomb structure, erected by Rabbi Nachman's widow immediately after his death.


The building stands among the ancient gravestones of an old craftsman's home, where thousands of Jews were killed who died Al Kiddush HaShem during the 1948 riots. During World War II, the tomb of Rabbi Nachman was demolished in the bombing. When the Communist regime built a residential neighborhood on 1948, Breslev followers purchased the land and built a house on it. In 1998, they managed to purchase the entire cemetery area and set up a synagogue and yard for the reception of many visitors. The synagogue was confiscated by the Communists and served

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Always Happy - A Nostalgic Collection Since Rebbe Nachman Died
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Always Happy - A Nostalgic Collection Since Rebbe Nachman Died
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