17 Shvat 5779 / Wednesday, January 23, 2019 | Torah Reading: Yitro
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 Passover Passover
    3-Piece Passover Set
New! A regal 3-piece Pesach set that includes a matzah cover, afikoman cover and a washing towel with silver and gold embroidery. Art Judaica.
Our Price: USD $ 24.50 List Price: USD $ 38.10 You Save: 36%
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    Afikomen Cover
A beautiful Jerusalem-themed afikomen cover in a leather design. 27x37cm.
Our Price: USD $ 16.30 List Price: USD $ 19.10 You Save: 14%
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    Burgundy Glass Passover Plate
A lavish and colorful glass Passover plate, decorated in an array of colors and set within an exquisite burgundy background.
Our Price: USD $ 18.80 List Price: USD $ 32.70 You Save: 42%
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    Decorated Matzah Tray
A beautifully decorated ceramic matzah tray in hues of brown, white and green. A lovely addition to your Pesach table. Size: 25X29 inches.
Our Price: USD $ 11.70 List Price: USD $ 13.60 You Save: 14%
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    Decorative Ceramic Seder Plate in Blue
A very special decorative ceramic Seder plate spectacularly painted in unique shades of blue, white and light brown. The plate's center is designed to hold the seder simanim and is painted in beautiful flower designs. Size: 35 c"m.
Our Price: USD $ 9.00 List Price: USD $ 16.40 You Save: 45%
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    Decorative Matzah Holder
A beautifully designed matzah holder made of translucent acrylic glass and inscribed with the word "Matzah" on the front panel. Size: 22 c"m.
Our Price: USD $ 13.60 List Price: USD $ 20.40 You Save: 33%
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    Disposable Seder Plate
This Seder plate is made of plastic-coated cardboard and is decorated in classy shades of brown. The plate's center is designed for holding each of the Seder simanim and includes transparent plastic cups for placing each siman. Size: 32 c"m.
Our Price: USD $ 5.50 List Price: USD $ 6.80 You Save: 20%
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    Elegant Metal Matzah Plate
A decorative metal matzah plate, finely adorned and inscribed with the word "Matzah" at its center Size: 26x26 c"m
Our Price: USD $ 16.10 List Price: USD $ 27.20 You Save: 41%
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