13 Tamuz 5779 / Tuesday, July 16, 2019 | Torah Reading: Pinchas
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 purim purim
    Big Purim Rattle
Big Purim Rattle - measurements: 22 x 20 cm
Our Price: USD $ 7.90 List Price: USD $ 9.90 You Save: 20%
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    Decorative Megillat Esther
A beautifully decorated and illustrated Megillat Esther including the blessings for the megilla reading. Packaged in a plexiglas container with gold colored cover, this is both a beautiful and handy item for the holiday of Purim.
Our Price: USD $ 14.10 List Price: USD $ 16.40 You Save: 14%
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    Elegant Purim Noisemaker
An elegant and unique Purim noisemaker inscribed in Hebrew with the words "When Adar enters, we increase joy". The noisemaker is made of brown wood with two lighter colored wood strips at its center. At its rim are two silver stripes with the inscriptioin.
Our Price: USD $ 3.40 List Price: USD $ 7.90 You Save: 57%
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    Exquisite Megillah Cover
An exquisite, real-leather megillah case, decorated in handcrafted designs and captioned with the words, "Megillat Esther". This case is designed to hold scrolls 31 c"m in size and is designed without the wooden handle, according to the Ashkenazi custom.
Our Price: USD $ 47.90 List Price: USD $ 83.10 You Save: 42%
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    Grade-A Megillat Esther, Sfaradi
A very special, rare and upscale Megillat Esther in size 30 c"m hamelech, 28 lines. Written by a G-d fearing Torah Scholar.
Our Price: USD $ 1351.80 List Price: USD $ 1830.50 You Save: 26%
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    Grade-A Megillat Esther, Sfaradi
A Sfaradi Megillat Esther in size 30 c"m hamelech, written by a God fearing Torah scholar. Beautiful and clear writing. For more information call 02-532-3339.
Our Price: USD $ 1182.80 List Price: USD $ 1408.10 You Save: 16%
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    Green Na-Nach Kippah with Peot
A green Na-Nach kippah with peot.
Our Price: USD $ 5.10 List Price: USD $ 9.60 You Save: 47%
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    Kosher Megillat Esther on Klaf, Sfaradi
A kosher Sfaradi Megillat Esther, written on a klaf in a feather pen by a G-d fearing Torah scholar. Beautiful and clear writing. Call 02-5323339 for more information.
Our Price: USD $ 844.90 List Price: USD $ 985.70 You Save: 14%
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