6 Cheshvan 5781 / Saturday, October 24, 2020 | Torah Reading: Noach
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"My Fire" Parochet
New! A parochet (ornamental curtain covering the front of the holy ark in the synagogue) designed with the "My Fire" emblem by Jerusalem Yarmulka Designs.
Our Price: USD $ 1453.10 List Price: USD $ 2325.00 You Save: 38%
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Aerobics Collection
A 3-CD collection of leading Hassidic songs and tunes, arranged in an upbeat style specifically for aerobic exercise and other physical workouts.
Our Price: USD $ 23.00 List Price: USD $ 32.00 You Save: 28%
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Afikomen Bag - Satin with Silver Embroidery
Bag for Afikomen. The word אפיקומן (Afikomen) is embroidered in silver thread on white satin material.
Our Price: USD $ 7.30 List Price: USD $ 10.20 You Save: 29%
Our Price: USD $ 17.50 List Price: USD $ 29.10 You Save: 40%
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Arizal Tefillin
These mehadrin min hamehadrin tefillin are made from a behema gasa (ox neck) and written in ktav Ari (Beit Yosef) by a certified, G-d-fearing sofer stam.
Our Price: USD $ 930.00 List Price: USD $ 1307.80 You Save: 29%
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Ayelat HaShachar, Natan Aviad
Singer Natan Aviad in his beautiful new album, Ayelet Hashachar. 8 medleys of 26 songs in all. With guest artists Mendy Gerofi, Aharon Razel, Udi Ulman and Yirmiyahu. Musical Production: Elad Deutch and Itzik Weiss.
Our Price: USD $ 7.30 List Price: USD $ 14.60 You Save: 50%
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Badei Taharah - 100% cotton made
Badei Taharah - 100% cotton made, hygienic and soft- Mehadrin
Our Price: USD $ 5.90 List Price: USD $ 14.60 You Save: 60%
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Batei Tefillin Cases in Black Color
Batei Tefillin - A pair of fancy cases for safeguarding the holy tefillin. Mirror included inside the tefillin case.
Our Price: USD $ 11.70 List Price: USD $ 17.50 You Save: 33%
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