24 Kislev 5782 / Sunday, November 28, 2021 | Torah Reading: Vayeishev
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24 Kislev Rav Masoud Shitreet  
    Rav Masoud Shitreet

24 Kislev Rav Shmuel Yitzchak Rosenfeld  
    Rav Shmuel Yitzchak Rosenfeld

24 Kislev Rav Avraham Chai Amuzag  
    (5691/1930). The author of “Kaneh Avraham.”

24 Kislev Rav Zechariah Mendel of Podheitz  
    The author of “Menoras Zechariah.”

24 Kislev Rav Kamus Sofer  
    (5734/1973). He served as the Head of the Beit Din of Lybia.

24 Kislev Shimon, the Son of Jacob the Patriarch  
    Born: Aram Naharayim, 1566 B.C.E, and passed away: Egypt, 1446 B.C.E. Shimon was the Son of Jacob the Patriarch and Leah the Matriarch. He is the founder of the Tribe of Shimon. Shimon And Levi were buried in the city of Masada. The city was given to the children of Shimon as an inheritance, and the open space surrounding the city [was given] to the children of Levi (Sefer HaYashar, end of Yehoshua). Reuven, Shimon and Levi ruled the Israelites in Egypt. After Reuven died, the leadership was given to Shimon; after Shimon died, it was given to Levi. After Levi died, they sought to give the leadership to Judah, [but] a Heavenly Voice said, "Put aside [Judah's sovereignty] until its time comes" (Bamidbar Rabbah 13:8). The Tribe of Shimon produced neither judge nor king because of Zimri's sin of immorality (Yalkut Shimoni, Shoftim 42).

24 Kislev Rav Yitzchak B’Roshi  
    (5755/1994). He served as the Rav of the Kurdish community.

24 Kislev Rav Tzalach bar Yechei  
    The Maharitz. Born: 1663, and passed away in 1749. He founded a prestigious family of Rabbis in Yemen, active since 300 years ago. He was a judge, and was knowledgeable in all areas of the Kabbala, known for his piety.


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