13 Av 5780 / Monday, August 03, 2020 | Torah Reading: Eikev
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Rebbe Nachman teaches that our speech is a powerful weapon. Just as a racketball bounces off a wall, whatever we say comes right back at us, for good or otherwise...

By: Rabbi Lazer Brody
Date of recording: 12/24/2014
Location: Shmuel Hanavi 13, Jerusalem, Israel
Duration: 00:37:44
Copyright: Breslev Israel
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Laura Swire, 1/19/2015 8:04:44 PM
  I thoroughly enjoyed this shiur
Keren, 12/29/2014 9:58:30 AM

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 Breslev Breslev
  Crying for nothing  
By Rabbi Yonatan Balaish
Update date: 7/31/2020, 13:09
Even if we look at the punishment we get for the worst sin in the Torah, it will not be like the punishment we received for crying about nothing in the desert. All suffering in all generations comes from that sin. We MUST fix it.

  Parnasah Series  
By Rabbi Yonatan Balaish
Update date: 7/31/2020, 13:07
Now what you need to do is buy delicious things and rest .. because it is a source of blessing and livelihood.

  Emuna is our Future – Uplifting Music & Laughter  
By Rabbi Eli Goldsmith
Update date: 7/23/2020, 11:49
Normally, it isn’t right to talk about this in the middle of the Three Weeks. Music and laughter used correctly can strengthen emuna during challenging times, and this year, we need to know how to use them properly in the middle of the Corona crises.

  The Key to Parnasah  
By Rabbi Yonatan Balaish
Update date: 7/31/2020, 13:02
Tip # 1 - Prevent yourself from getting angry, it is an attempt to prevent the parnasah that is supposed to reach you.

  Emuna is our Future - The Corona Flow  
By Rabbi Eli Goldsmith
Update date: 7/16/2020, 16:59
We have to strengthen our emuna during the Corona challenge, and focus loving all Jews, and all mankind!

  Take Out the Good  
By Rabbi Yonatan Balaish
Update date: 7/15/2020, 08:22
Everyone can clearly see that the entire Torah was given to us for one thing only - to love one another. It is difficult but possible.

  Emuna is our Future - Planning & Strategies  
By Rabbi Eli Goldsmith
Update date: 7/16/2020, 08:07
Now is the time to renew our approach to everything with fresh plans and strategies. Looking into the coming period of time, mindfulness and self-awareness is key. We must do our sincere best, while accepting the results with love.

  The Law of Thanks!  
By Rabbi Yonatan Balaish
Update date: 7/7/2020, 15:46
There are some commandments that we do not understand, such as the red heifer. Nonetheless, we keep them. There are laws that are above nature and that change nature. One of them is the Law of Thanks!

  Emuna is our Future - A Good Eye!  
By Rabbi Eli Goldsmith
Update date: 7/7/2020, 15:47
The power of a good mindset, positive heart, and the will to wish others success all make a big difference! We can be kind and generous in how we view and act towards one another! This will be a crucial key to bring the blessings of emuna into our daily l

  Likutei Moharan, Torah 1 Part 2  
By Rabbi Avraham Gislason
Update date: 6/25/2020, 17:05
Likutei Mohoran, Torah 1, Part 2. Rebbe Nachman tells us that every moment of our lives is an opportunity to connect to Hashem. Everything in the universe shows the wisdom of Hashem.

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