3 Teves 5782 / Tuesday, December 07, 2021 | Torah Reading: Vayigash
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Hitbodedut: Thanks, Requests, Results

Do you want more from your hitbodedut? Here are some suggestions to make you feel better, to keep you more honest with yourself and your Creator, and to get better results while bring you closer to Him.

By: Rabbi Aharon Dobinsky
Date of recording: 12/2/2018
Location: Shmuel Hanavi 13, Jerusalem, Israel
Duration: 00:12:51
Copyright: Breslev Israel
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       Hitbodedut: Thanks, Requests, Results

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 Breslev Breslev
  Emuna Is Our Future - Visions Of Truth  
By Rabbi Eli Goldsmith
Update date: 8/11/2021, 04:42
Join us as we grow together with visions of truth.

  Emuna Is Our Future - Tu B'Av Comfort  
By Rabbi Eli Goldsmith
Update date: 8/11/2021, 04:41
After the Three Weeks, join us as we grow together with the comfort of Tu B'Av.

  The King and the Emperor, Part 5  
By Rabbi Ralph Cohen
Update date: 7/26/2021, 16:03
The Emperor's daughter faces hardships and obstacles to be reunited with her truesoulmate. Like the daughter, we need to realize that obstacles give us strength and have special treasures embedded within them.

  Emuna Is Our Future - Redemptive Trends  
By Rabbi Eli Goldsmith
Update date: 7/26/2021, 16:06
Now is a wonderful time to grow together as we draw closer to the Geula (redemption) and Mashiach

  Emuna Relationship Flow Podcast - Dedication!  
By Rabbi Eli Goldsmith
Update date: 7/14/2021, 13:53
This special addition one-time #Emuna Class is with a Relationship Focus on Dedication by Eli Goldsmith :)!

  The King and the Emperor, Part 4  
By Rabbi Ralph Cohen
Update date: 7/26/2021, 16:04
The Emperor's daughter continues to face obstacles in returning to the King's son, her true soulmate. She runs from evil pirates who want to kill her. There are always tzaddikim and their advice to help us avoid the evils in life.

  The King and the Emperor, Part 3  
By Rabbi Ralph Cohen
Update date: 7/26/2021, 16:05
The King's son and the Emperor's daughter decided to run off and marry. The obstacles the son and daughter encounter while trying to find each other mirror the obstacles we each face in life. Some benefit comes from the struggle itself.

  Emuna Is Our Future - Pure Will  
By Rabbi Eli Goldsmith
Update date: 6/16/2021, 15:37
Now is an opportune time to join with each other and grow together. Let's develop a pure and determined will!

  Emuna Is Our Future - Focus on Our Mission  
By Rabbi Eli Goldsmith
Update date: 6/4/2021, 11:07
Now is a great time to join together, to grow together, and focus on what our mission is.

  Emuna Is Our Future - From Trauma To Love & Light  
By Rabbi Eli Goldsmith
Update date: 5/27/2021, 07:29
The world is experiencing major traumas. Let's take the opportunity to use these traumas and grow together in a spirit of love and light.

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