17 Iyar 5779 / Wednesday, May 22, 2019 | Torah Reading: Bechukotai
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 Breslev Israel Clips Breslev Israel Clips
  Such a powerful love!  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 5/14/2019, 14:48
: Hashem loves us all with the same perfect, unconditional love, no matter who we are, no matter what we do. And yes, He loves you too! An inspiring message from Rabbi Shalom Arush!

  Thanks for the gift!  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 5/14/2019, 08:28
Some gifts cost lots of money but have little intrinsic value… Other gifts are worth millions but don’t cost a penny. A smiling clip by Rabbi Shalom Arush!

  How lucky you are!  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 5/1/2019, 09:50
The “being happy with your lot” motto is well known. The question is --- to what extent does it apply? Don’t miss this inspiring clip!

  Join the Thread of Kindness!  
By Breslev Israel Staff
Update date: 4/15/2019, 10:48
You are welcome to have a look at the phenomenal contribution for the benefit of the community here in Jerusalem!

  It’s a miracle!  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 4/10/2019, 11:09
We, human beings, go through life. There are some things we like and others we don’t. In the meantime, Hashem is doing miracles we don’t even know about…

  Protect yourself from envy  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 4/2/2019, 15:19
Not only is envy the decay of your bones – it is the decay of your soul! Learn to protect yourself from envy and jealousy and begin the best years of your life!

  Each word: a gift!  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 3/27/2019, 10:48
The more you talk to the Creator, the more gifts you get! Talk to your Best Friend and ask Him everything you dream of!

  Why do you persecute yourself?  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 3/24/2019, 10:21
Stop pulling yourself down and blaming yourself for your failures! From now on, you will learn from them and live a joyous life!

  Two worlds and one heart  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 3/19/2019, 14:59
How can we connect two huge and wonderful worlds? How can we experiment the greatest connection there is? Only with your heart. And you only need one hour

  Megillat Esther as never told before!  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 3/18/2019, 13:21
What is the real story of this joyous day of Purim? You are invited to watch and enjoy this video prepared especially for you with love and good humor by our Breslev Israel staff  Credits Illustrations: Steli Sror Written and Produced by: Yochi Sh

  Who’s the Suspect?  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 3/7/2019, 08:15
When something bad happens to us, we usually blame the Creator, thinking self-righteously: “I certainly didn’t do anything wrong, did I?”. I would say – think again!

  Your daily dose of happiness  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 2/26/2019, 12:10
In the same way that you get up every morning, brush your teeth, eat, drink, work, sleep… there is something else you should do every day no matter what – and then you will feel as if you are living in Paradise!

  Why did the Book of Remedies disappear?  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 2/20/2019, 09:55
You probably won’t believe this, but once upon a time there was a Book of Remedies which contained the cure to all diseases that ever were or will be. However, this book mysteriously disappeared. Don’t be sad though – we received something infinitely bet

  Hashem is not a policeman!  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 2/12/2019, 11:26
People often think that Hashem is a policeman waiting to catch them red-handed. Nothing could be further from the truth!

  Ready to get the gifts?  
By Rabbi Shalom Arush
Update date: 2/5/2019, 15:27
Nobody can receive a downpour of gifts unless they have a place to store them… You’d better get ready, because they are coming!

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