17 Cheshvan 5782 / Saturday, October 23, 2021 | Torah Reading: Vayeira
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The Truth About 12-Step Programs

Addiction a is not a “mysterious incurable, progressive, and most bewildering malady..." Using an emuna-based model of recovery, we can clearly define what addiction is, what causes it, and how to turn it into a blessing!

By: Rabbi Zev Ballen
Date of recording: 7/26/2017
Location: Shmuel Hanavi 13, Jerusalem, Israel
Duration: 00:46:10
Copyright: Breslev Israel
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       The Truth About 12-Step Programs

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 Personal Personal
  Is There "Success" Without Happiness?  
By Rabbi Zev Ballen
Update date: 7/6/2016, 15:57
You might think that people who are tops in their profession, tops in their industry and tops in Torah learning don't need coaching - think again...

  The Power of Choice  
By Rabbi Zev Ballen
Update date: 5/24/2016, 15:30
The one thing that G-d gives us total control over is what we think and the meanings that we put onto the events of our lives...

  Shattering Limits  
By Rabbi Zev Ballen
Update date: 5/17/2016, 17:47
When you think with your "regular" mind you will fail to reveal your true potential. When you think with your "emuna mind" you'll become someone else entirely and you'll shatter all of your personal "limitations."

  It's Natural to Trust  
By Rabbi Zev Ballen
Update date: 4/20/2016, 14:21
Emuna isn't really something you have to "learn" it's your nature to have emuna and most people are using it more than they realize...

  Self-Awareness and Awareness of the Creator  
By Rabbi Zev Ballen
Update date: 4/14/2016, 11:36
If you want to feel a deep definite permanent calmness for coping with stress and for invigorating your soul this is the topic of today's class.

  The Private Room in Your Soul  
By Rabbi Zev Ballen
Update date: 2/29/2016, 18:40
The essence of a person is his Faith. In order to really experience one's Faith it's necessary to travel where few people have dared to go...

  Why Do We Live? - The Crisis of Meaning  
By Rabbi Zev Ballen
Update date: 4/15/2021, 11:33
The question takes many forms: What is the meaning of life? What is the meaning of my life? Why do we live? Why were we put here? The answer: is a matter of life and death.

  There's Nothing More Perfect than the Real You  
By Rabbi Zev Ballen
Update date: 4/15/2021, 11:22
What is the recipe for real happiness? Our method is to reveal the natural happiness and power of your soul...

  The Idealized Image  
By Rabbi Zev Ballen
Update date: 4/15/2021, 11:03
Are you repeatedly setting goals for yourself that you somehow never reach? Or, does someone you care about have this problem? If so, this is the class for you...

  Tackling the Obstacles  
By Rabbi Zev Ballen
Update date: 4/15/2021, 11:20
We need a method for identifying and uprooting the obstables that stop us from moving forward with our lives.

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