8 Tishrei 5781 / Saturday, September 26, 2020 | Torah Reading: Ha'azinu
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Tree of Life: Lazer Brody's "Calming Waters" Album

Tree of Life: Lazer Brody's "Calming Waters" Album

By: Rabbi Lazer Brody
Date of recording: 6/24/2010
Duration: 00:04:08
Copyright: Rabbi Lazer Brody
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       Tree of Life: Lazer Brody's "Calming Waters" Album

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 Jewish Music Jewish Music
  Nation of G-d  
By Yosef Daniel
Update date: 8/18/2020, 17:07
This song is a calling to those that have the desire to live in a perfect world. Many disasters in the world have been the catalyst. A message can be sung and understood rather than have catastrophes do the talking.

  Nafshi LaHashem  
By Shlomo Katz
Update date: 4/10/2020, 15:16
Nafshi LaHashem - My Soul is to Hashem. Recorded at Binyanei Ha'uma October 2011.

  Meshorer HaTeshuva (Singer of Teshuva)  
By Shlomo Katz
Update date: 4/2/2020, 23:49
In commemoration of Rav Kook's 82nd yahrzeit, this song was composed in honour of Rabbi Moshe Weinberger, a student and teacher of Rav Kook's Torah.

By Nissim Black
Update date: 7/14/2020, 12:30
A new single released by Nissim Black.

  Ma'at ze Tov ("A Little is Good")  
By Yossef Sikurel
Update date: 4/12/2020, 09:16
Composer and singer Yossef Sikurel releases a single "A Little is Good" with guitar accompaniment.

  Lost in You  
By Yosef Daniel
Update date: 8/18/2020, 16:43
Although based on a shiur on David HaMelech by Rabbi Eli J. Mansour, the song is intimate to Yosef Daniel's yiddishkite. The lyrics express a sense of gratitude for Hashem's intense efforts to reach us and for choosing us.

  Lev Tahor (A Pure Heart)  
By Shlomo Katz
Update date: 9/9/2020, 09:03
This song was inspired during Ma’ariv at Yeshivat Lev HaTorah. "Create within me a pure heart Hashem and renew inside me a new spirit."

  Keli - Aryeh Kunstler and Yosef Karduner  
By Aryeh Kunstler
Update date: 2/26/2020, 09:29
Single release by Aryeh Kunstler and Yosef Karduner.

  Katonti ("I am Made Small") - Yonatan Razel  
By Yonatan Razel
Update date: 4/12/2020, 10:12
Yonatan Razel Katonti

  Healer of the Soul  
By Yossef Sikurel
Update date: 4/12/2020, 09:22
Composer and singer Yossef Sikurel releases a single "Healer of the Soul" with guitar accompaniment.

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