10 Shvat 5781 / Saturday, January 23, 2021 | Torah Reading: Bo
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Mashiach - What For?

It's difficult to budge people from their comfort zones in LA, Miami, NYC, London or even Paris. They ask, "What in the world do we need Geula and Mashiach for?" G-d willing, today's shiur will provide their answer...

By: Rabbi Lazer Brody
Date of recording: 1/21/2015
Location: Shmuel Hanavi 13, Jerusalem, Israel
Duration: 00:47:56
Copyright: Breslev Israel
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       Mashiach - What For?

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 Jewish World Jewish World
  The First Step to Success  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Update date: 12/28/2020, 09:55
Stanley dreams of being another LeBron James. Wow, what would it be like to play in the NBA for Miami? But he sighs, and pops open another Coke. "I'll never succeed," he sighs...

  How to Love  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Update date: 3/9/2015, 14:08
Everyone knows how to hate - that's easy. Few people know how to love; this is the key to ending the exile and attaining both our personal and national redemption.

  My Brother  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Update date: 3/9/2015, 14:02
The barometer of Torah learning is one’s love of his fellow Jew, no matter who he is or where he’s holding. The secret of receiving the Torah on Sinai was unity…

  The Blue Sky  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Update date: 3/8/2015, 18:24
People are lost in life because they simply don't take the time to stop and think. Have you noticed the blue sky today? You don't have to be a chinchilla on a wheel...

  Where's Messiah?  
By Rabbi Zev Ballen
Update date: 3/8/2015, 18:05
Learning Torah is the highest commandment and equal to all the other commandments combined. Today there is more Torah learning going on in the world than ever before, so why is the messiah still not here?

  The American Dream  
By Rabbi Zev Ballen
Update date: 3/8/2015, 17:02
The Industrial revolution jolted society away from serving the Creator to serving materialism, technology and the lust to consume. Is it too late to wake up from the American "dream?"

  Nineveh News  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Update date: 3/8/2015, 16:45
Rabbi Lazer Brody shows how the Book of Yona is just like reading the daily newspaper, for the world of today is amazingly similar to Nineveh of old.

  Aleinu and Donald Trump  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Update date: 12/7/2020, 19:16
Hopefully, soon, every human on earth will realize his or her inalienable right to establish their own personal relationship with the Creator and to speak to Him whenever they choose…

  My Boss Above  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Update date: 3/3/2015, 10:05
Today's lesson is better than an Ivy League MBA program and certainly a lot less expensive; you'll learn how to make great money..

  Amen, Brother!  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Update date: 11/15/2020, 08:25
In light of the tense security situation, there a is powerful protective ploy that also invokes miracles, one that is firmly based both in the Gemara and in the Shulchan Aruch, and easy to do...

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