2 Cheshvan 5781 / Tuesday, October 20, 2020 | Torah Reading: Noach
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The Healthy Self-Image

Who doesn't want a healthy self-image? When you feel good about yourself, you can not only love everyone else, but the whole world feels good about you. Today's lesson shows how...

By: Rabbi Lazer Brody
Date of recording: 6/14/2017
Location: Shmuel Hanavi 13, Jerusalem, Israel
Duration: 00:49:04
Copyright: Breslev Israel
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       The Healthy Self-Image

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 Spirituality Spirituality
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Update date: 2/23/2015, 17:50
Parshat Shlach Lecha; What caused the spies’ misjudgment? Rabbi Lazer Brody shows that they felt inferior to the other nations and suffered from a low self image as Jews…

  Don’t Force the Issue  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Update date: 2/19/2018, 16:35
Parshat Balak; Many people make hasty and unfortunate decisions because they’re impulsive, trying to force matters. Rabbi Lazer Brody shows a better way to do things…

  Living Forever  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Update date: 2/23/2015, 17:35
Parshat Pinchas; Who doesn’t want to live forever? Rabbi Lazer Brody explains that when we give our souls priority over our bodies, we remain alive for posterity.

  What's Wrong with my Diet?  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Update date: 7/13/2017, 14:42
You've tried high carbs, lo carbs, hi-fat, lo-fat, primal, vegan, Atkins, Shmatkins, Ornish, Cornish, pills, thrills and nothing has worked. Now, you're talking to your doctor about a stomach bypass. Hold it! Here's a real solution…

  The Real Battle  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Update date: 5/12/2019, 10:54
Parshat Matot; Rabbi Lazer Brody talks about the true struggle for Jewish survival, particularly in the Land of Israel, and the effect that personal holiness has on our security.

  Straight A's  
By Rabbi Zev Ballen
Publish date: 3/16/2013, 21:08
Here's the secret to getting straight A's in the tests of life and becoming one of Hashem's valedictorians.

  Second Chance  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Update date: 2/23/2015, 17:42
Parshat Behaalotcha; One of the greatest gifts that Hashem bestows upon us is a second chance to correct whatever we did wrong. There’s no such thing as despair…

  My Journey  
By Rabbi Zev Ballen
Update date: 1/18/2018, 15:29
This is the story of my spiritual journey from my life as a secular psychotherapist in New York to moving to Israel with my family and working in Jewish outreach.

  Beloved Child  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Update date: 2/23/2015, 18:52
Who is Hashem’s most beloved child? What gift does Hashem give that child? Rabbi Lazer teaches us to internalize three words: “Hashem Loves Me!”

  A walk through the Garden of Emuna (part 109)  
By Rabbi Reuven Levy
Update date: 1/16/2017, 22:43
A series of lectures on the book, The Garden of Emuna, in chronological order, by Rabbi Reuven Levy. When a person has emuna, it is like a strong sapling growing on fertile land, which no wind can harm. Emuna is essentially the power of growth.

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