17 Kislev 5781 / Thursday, December 03, 2020 | Torah Reading: Vayishlach
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Parashat Ha'azinu

How to find balance in your life.

By: Rabbi Ralph Cohen
Date of recording: 10/7/2019
Location: Shmuel Hanavi 13, Jerusalem, Israel
Duration: 00:09:01
Copyright: Breslev Israel
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       Parashat Ha'azinu

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 Torah Portion Torah Portion
  Chayei Sarah:Naaseh V'Nishmah (We Will Do & Hear)  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Update date: 11/7/2020, 19:13
Eliezer's caravan brings Rivka to the Land of Israel; she sees Isaac from afar. First, she prostrates herself and then she asks who he is; shouldn't it be the other way around?

  Vayera: Spiritual DNA of Yitzkach  
By Rabbi Ralph Cohen
Update date: 10/31/2020, 19:11
Yitzkach's willingness to be sacrificed comes from his father Avraham. Yitzkach didn't ask questions! He didn't beg Avraham to pray to avert this decree. How critical it is for parents to make a daily cheshbon hanefesh of their fear of Hashem!

  Chaye Sarah: Battle Stations!  
By Rabbi Ralph Cohen
Update date: 11/7/2020, 19:15
Learning the tactics of our Evil Inclination.

  Chayei Sarah: I am the Servant of Avraham  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Update date: 11/7/2020, 19:33
Eliezer described himself simply as "I am the servant of Avraham". The secret to success is putting aside our own ego (self nullification) and humbling ourselves before our Master.

  Vayera: Run for Your Life and Don't Look Back!  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Update date: 10/31/2020, 19:08
The Angel who is sent to rescue Lot warns him: “Run for your life and don’t look back!” This has a very deep message for the baalei teshuva of all subsequent generations…

  Vayera: Willing to Wait it Out  
By Rabbi Nasan Maimon
Update date: 10/31/2020, 19:09
Hashem revealed Himself to Avraham because he was willing to wait. Closeness to Hashem comes from a willingness to wait and put in consistent effort. The period of waiting involves many difficulties.

  Vayera: No Laughing Matter  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Update date: 10/31/2020, 19:10
Why did Hashem tell Abraham that Sarah laughed and didn’t believe that she was capable of having a child? Isn’t this a form of gossip? Wouldn't this create marital strife?

  Vayera: Moving Up  
By Rabbi Ralph Cohen
Update date: 10/31/2020, 19:12
When a test is strong and we experience many obstacles, it's important to consider that this test might take us up to the next level.

  Lech Lecha: Holding onto the Land  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Update date: 10/24/2020, 21:05
Hashem explicitly tells Abraham to walk all across the Land of Israel, from north to south and from east to west. Why did He require Abraham to see every square meter of the land?

  Lech Lecha: Going Toward Our Life's Purpose  
By Rabbi Nasan Maimon
Update date: 10/24/2020, 21:06
Rabbi Nasan Maimon explains that Hashem put each of us in the world for a reason. "Go forth, for yourself" was said not just to Avraham, but to all of us! Every decision we make must be made in light of our purpose in life.

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