25 Av 5781 / Tuesday, August 03, 2021 | Torah Reading: Re'eh
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Shemot: The Burning Bush

What can we learn from the dramatic revelation of Hashem in the burning bush?

By: Rabbi Ralph Cohen
Date of recording: 1/22/2020
Duration: 00:11:21
Copyright: Breslev Israel
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       Shemot: The Burning Bush

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 Torah Portion Torah Portion
  Chukat: Miracles Happen!  
By Rabbi Ralph Cohen
Update date: 6/13/2021, 10:19
Unknown to the Jews, the Amorites attempted to ambush and annihilate the Jews on their way to Eretz Yisrael. Hashem performed miracles to destroy the Amorites. What lessons can we learn from this story?

  Chukat: Dying in the Tents...  
By Rabbi Yishai Tokayer
Update date: 6/13/2021, 10:45
According to Rebbe Natan, one who “dies in the tent” is one who toils in Torah for the right reasons! The reason (and the real “work”) of learning Torah is to learn for Hashem rather than for personal reasons or interests.

  Korach: The Growth Factor  
By Rabbi Ralph Cohen
Update date: 6/6/2021, 04:27
Korach's questions weren't questions. He overestimated his spiritual level, which led to rebellion against Moshe and Hashem. Whether we're flying high or down in the dumps, there's always room for growth.

  Korach: Small is Large  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Update date: 6/6/2021, 04:28
In his lust for greatness, Korach completely misread the spiritual map, not realizing the true path to the summit of accomplishment in Judaism is…

  Korach: Belief in the Power of Prayer  
By Rabbi Ralph Cohen
Update date: 6/6/2021, 04:28
Korach believed that the power of Moshe's prayer led to Korach's younger cousin (Elsafan) being appointed as head of the Kahati family. Let's remember that Hashem listens to our prayer and is waiting to give us all good!

  Shlach Lecha: The Real Error of the Spies  
By Rabbi Nasan Maimon
Update date: 5/29/2021, 21:27
Eretz Yisrael is under Hashem's direct supervision. The Spies erred in "analyzing" the nature of Eretz Yisrael, because it is above nature. Denying the difference between Eretz Yisrael and other countries is denying the difference between Jews & non-Jews.

  Shlach Lecha: Humility Saves the Day  
By Rabbi Ralph Cohen
Update date: 5/29/2021, 21:27
The tragedy of the Spies led to a 40-year delay in entering Eretz Yisrael. How can we avoid repeating that mistake? By developing humility and bringing Hashem into our lives.

  Shlach Lecha: Missing the Mission  
By Rabbi Lazer Brody
Update date: 5/29/2021, 21:28
Out of the twelve spies that Moses sent to gather intel on the Land of Israel, only two completed the mission, attaining its stated goals. What happened to the other ten? Where did they go wrong? Are we still making the same mistake?

  Shlach Lecha: Clothing Ourselves in Mitzvot  
By Rabbi Ralph Cohen
Update date: 5/29/2021, 21:28
How do we connect to G-d through the special Mitzvot of tzitzit and modesty. The Tzitzit remind us to do of all mitzvot. Modesty in women is equivalent to tzitzit. We "clothe" ourselves in mitzvot and show that we are one with Hashem.

  Shlach Lecha: The Power of Gratitude  
By Rabbi Ralph Cohen
Update date: 5/29/2021, 21:29
The tragic episode of the spies rejecting the Land of Israel has resulted in galut until our day. How can we rectify this sin? By being grateful to Hashem for everything we have!

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