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   30 Tishrei 5775 / Friday, October 24, 2014 | Torah Reading Noach       
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Basic Judaism - English
    Crash Course in Jewish History
The Jewish people’s progress through time, from Avrohom and the birth of monotheism to the Holocaust and the founding of the modern state of Israel, runs contrary to all the laws of human history. Some of the world’s greatest minds, throughout time, have come to appreciate the profound impact that this small group has had on humanity and have tried to explain how this people survived against all the odds?
A Crash Course in Jewish History investigates 3,800 years of Jewish existence while answering such questions as why the Jewish people been so unique, so impactful, yet so despised and so relentlessly persecuted.
It is entertaining and enlightening as well as comprehensive and readable. Historian and author Ken Spiro creates a fascinating and informative historical perspective, showing key lessons of Jewish and world history, from the past predicting the future of both the Jewish people and their relationship to all humanity.
Our Price: USD $ 33.80 List Price: USD $ 47.00 You Save: 28%
    Dancing in the Dark
To outsiders, Rikki Coleman is a model student; co-dance head for the upcoming school production; a fun-loving friend.  But on the inside, Rikki and her older sister Daniella are struggling to cope with their desperate home situation, which they must keep hidden at all costs.  When their mother's mental illness reaches new depths, the facade that the two sisters have worked so hard to build is shattered.

The girls valiantly attempt to keep their lives afloat, guarding their horrifying secrets from well-meaning friends and teachers who want to help.  They're worn out by the deception, but can't imagine any other solution. Will Rikki and Daniella be able to transcend the secrecy that has ruled their lives and find the help they need to recover?

In Dancing in the Dark, new novelist Shoshana Mael masterfully tells an engrossing story of painful experiences, haunting memories, and unwavering determination to move forward.  Readers will be riveted by the sisters' struggle to hide their pain, and their painstaking efforts to reach for the hands that may finally allow them to dance in the light. Engrossing! Compelling!!
Our Price: USD $ 27.90 List Price: USD $ 32.30 You Save: 14%
    Diamond Dust
Yalli  Shapiro hungers for something more than her parents' frugal kollel lifestyle, and no one is quite sure why. As she enters shidduchim, Yalli isbent on propelling herself toward a diamond-studded future that she's sure will free her of the tentacles of the past.  Yet shadows lurk beneath Yalli's elegant and sophisticated exterior, reaching out their sharp claws to grab her at every turn.  Can she defeat  her childhood demons before they overwhelm her?

Tzvi Kirsch's past is also painful. It haunts him as he resists the best names the shadchanim can offer.  The only girl he's remotely interested in is the one his mother--and sister-- have firmly vetoed.  But is he truly equipped to deal with her complex and harrowing challenges?

Riva Pomerantz's Diamond Dust is a powerful, captivating tale of courage and dreams, tears and hope.  As you turn its pages, you too will find the strength to confront your deepest fears and conquer the threatening shadows.  Are Yalli's diamonds real or will they turn out to be nothing more than a sprinkle of diamond dust.
Our Price: USD $ 29.10 List Price: USD $ 33.80 You Save: 14%
By Rabbi Dov Moshe Lipman. Answers for teenagers (and adults) to questions about the Jewish faith. Does G-d Exist? Is Torah True? What Happens In Death? Is Mashiach Real? Find answers to these and other timeless questions in the newly released book--DISCOVER Would you like to know: What did Moshe Rabbeinu ask Hashem about suffering? What does Sir Fred Hoyle, Britain's most eminent astronomer, have in common with Chovos HaLevovos (Duties of The Heart)? What is the Rambam's natural prescription for feeling Divine love? Based on Rabbi Lipman's popular high school Jewish Philosophy classes, Discover confronts these soul-searching questions with thought-provoking answers; reminding us answering questions is a Jewish trait and part of our ancient learning process. Called a modern day "Guide For The Perplexed", by HaRav Aaron Feldman, Discover, is an invitation to think more deeply and have an active relationship with Hashem and Torah in our daily lives. You'll learn why we should believe in Torah from Sinai; why we learn Gemara; what happens after we die -- with answers rooted in Torah. Every question asked with a sincere desire to learn, especially about God, Torah or Judaism, is a good question on the path to spiritual growth! Paperback
Our Price: USD $ 22.10 List Price: USD $ 25.00 You Save: 12%
    Divrei Yaakov: Insights, Reflections and Divrei Torah from the Book of Exodus

Divrei Yaakov: Insights, Reflections and Divrei Torah from the Book of Exodus by Rabbi Jack Tauber

This book is not merely a commentary on the weekly Torah portion; rather, it sets forward a philosophy of Judaism for the individual in his interpersonal relations. Rabbi Tauber further grapples with issues such as relating to the Holocaust, Zionism, and the rise of Islamic fundamentalism.

Hardcover, 395 pages.

Our Price: USD $ 27.90 List Price: USD $ 32.30 You Save: 14%
    Divrey Ya'akov Pirkey Machshava
Written by the renowned holy Kabbalist Rabbi Yaakov Addes, shlit"a, Sefer "Divrei Yaakov Pirkei Machshava" moves every Jewish heart toward a great love of Hashem,and His holy Torah, and to fulfill His commandments. It emphasizes the  greatness of every Jewish soul, made by Hashem's love.
One chapter emphasizes the importance of maintaining kedusha (personal holiness) in every step of life, and a Jew's capacity to reach spiritual greatness and come closer to Hashem by working on his holiness and guarding his eyes from impure sights.
Other chapters include an interesting discussion of child-rearing and developing their unique talents through consistent positive reinforcement... pushing them to soar to spiritual levels of Torah and fear of heaven and creating a fresh, motivated  link in an ever-continuing holy chain.
The fourth section in this work is written to Jews who face trials and tribulations in life, who have fallen from joy and security in life to material and/or spiritual abysses. This chapter strengthens them emotionally and spiritually, giving them an understanding and appreciation of their true mission in this world. This book ignites the spark in every Jewish heart to achieve love of Hashem! A Kabbalistic reasure not to be missed!
Hardcover. 576 pages
Our Price: USD $ 14.70 List Price: USD $ 20.60 You Save: 29%
    Dual Dilemmas
Thirteen-year-old twin sisters Chevy and Daniela Dembowitz couldn't be more different.  While Chevy is studious reserved and a homebody, Daniela is popular outgoing and always spending time out. And while Chevy is busy winning awards Daniela is busy winning friends.

The seventh grade election for G.O. president brings with it a new twist in their relationship.  When Daniela does something that Chevy finds hard to forgive, Daniela is forced to reveal her long-kept secret to her sister.

Will Chevy stand by her twin?  Will she "be her friend and help her fit in" as a perceptive stranger suggests? Will Daniela come around and face her  challenge?  Or will she hide her secret  from the world forever?

Previously serialized in the popular   Binah Bunch magazine, Dual Dilemmas is a keenly insightful and realistic story about acceptance, pride, and self-confidence; a timeless theme geared for today's preteen.
Our Price: USD $ 20.30 List Price: USD $ 29.40 You Save: 31%
    Duties of the Heart-Chovos ha-Levavos: Pocket Edition
By R. Bachya ben Joseph ibn Paquda. Sold as a set only. Individual volumes not sold separately. A new English translation of the 11th-century ethical classic which explores faith, service to G-d, understanding G-d's ways, and profound insights into human nature. Vowelized Hebrew text with facing English translation for ease-of-use. 2-volume gift-boxed set (individual volumes not sold separately). Pocket-size edition. Pocket Hard Cover
Our Price: USD $ 27.10 List Price: USD $ 39.70 You Save: 32%
    Duties of the Heart-Chovos ha-Levavos: Regular Edition
By R. Bachya ben Joseph ibn Paquda. A new English translation of the 11th-century ethical classic. Vowelized Hebrew text with facing English. Hard Cover
Our Price: USD $ 60.20 List Price: USD $ 73.20 You Save: 18%
    Ecstasy for the Soul - Part One

Ecstasy for the Soul - Part One - Joy is the Essence of Life - Uplifting Stories and Teachings of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, compiled by Zivi Ritchie

A treasury of insights, stories and humor to uplift the spirit, organized by topics. Highly recommended!

Pocket size paperback, 126 pages

Our Price: USD $ 5.60 List Price: USD $ 7.40 You Save: 24%

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