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   8 Cheshvan 5775 / Saturday, November 01, 2014 | Torah Reading Lech Lecha       
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Our Price: USD $ 2.40
List Price: USD $ 4.70

Our Price: USD $ 2.40
List Price: USD $ 5.60

Our Price: USD $ 2.40
List Price: USD $ 5.60

Our Price: USD $ 47.00
List Price: USD $ 117.50
Rav Arush - Brody Eng. CDs
    100 CD Set Volume 1
NEW! The first 100 Rabbi Brody CDs in English! CDs #1-100, including some of the all-time most popular titles! Love the emuna books you've read and want something more? Want to make sure you have all of Rabbi Brody's CDs? Here's a great start, at a great price, and free shipping! You'll love them!
Our Price: USD $ 220.20 List Price: USD $ 469.80 You Save: 53%
    100 CDs for Distribution

Breslev Israel now makes it easy for you to give out emuna CDs to family and friends. We'll send you 100 of the most popular Rabbi Lazer Brody CDs in English for distribution, at a super discounted price, with discounted shipping too! You can't imagine the personal and global rewards of spreading emuna. It's an insurance policy for you and your loved ones, and is a segula for a solution to whatever problems you may be facing. Many people have seen big miracles after they distributed 100 books or CDs.

If you're not sure how to give out CDs, you can contact our office for ideas. One very popular way to give out CDs is to ask local kosher restaurants, Jewish bookstores, or any popular location if they wouldn't mind stocking a small pile of CDs people can take on their counter. You can also request a charity box to be sent to you by contacting Breslev Israel. Put it out with your CDs with a small sign asking for an optional donation to keep your CD distribution running.

You will be sent 10 copies of 10 different CDs that are very popular for distribution.

Our Price: USD $ 73.40 List Price: USD $ 234.90 You Save: 69%
    100 Children are Joy
Did you know that abortion has taken the lives of 4 million Jewish babies in the USA and Israel since 1970? Did you know that a Jewish baby is aborted every 10 minutes in Israel alone? If that's not a Holocaust, what is? This CD has become an overnight best-seller, and it explains everything that the abortion clinics hide from you. It's the biggest mitzva in the world to spread this CD far and wide. When we help Hashem's little babies, He will certainly take care of our little babies.

By the way, if you don't yet have children of your own or if you have fertility problems, nothing in the world will invoke such Divine compassion for you as these CDs. How? If you help save Hashem's children, He will surely give you your own children.

Additionally, if you ever had an abortion, giving out this CD is perfect teshuva. Why? Teshuva must be "teshuvat hamishkal", in other words, its good must equally outweigh and offset the evil of the transgression. Helping to prevent more abortions by helping other women understand the truth about abortion can enable you to correct the taking of a life.

Even better - these 100 CDs come to you at cost plus shipping, and you can even use your maaser money.
Our Price: USD $ 73.40 List Price: USD $ 234.90 You Save: 69%
    A Clean Brain

You wouldn't want to pour fine wine into a dirty glass; the same goes for our brains. To be worth vessels for Torah and emuna, we must maintain a clean brain. Rabbi Brody explains how in this awesome CD!

Our Price: USD $ 2.40 List Price: USD $ 5.60 You Save: 58%
    A Free Gift
If people had the slightest idea about the wonderful free gift that HaShem gives each and every one of us, they'd be a lot happier. This exciting CD will tell you all about it.
Our Price: USD $ 2.40 List Price: USD $ 5.60 You Save: 58%
    A healthy soul
For married couples only!

A child's entire future depends on a good beginning.
Parental personal holiness, particularly at the time of conception determines what type of soul they'll bring down to this world.
An amaizing CD!
Our Price: USD $ 2.40 List Price: USD $ 5.60 You Save: 58%
    A Kind Word
Words are the key to any relationship, whether with a spouse, parent, child or friend. This special CD shows one how to be careful with words, for a kind word can save a life.
Our Price: USD $ 2.40 List Price: USD $ 5.60 You Save: 58%
    A Letter of Strength
Do you know that Rebbe Nachman sent you a personal letter?  It's true!  He writes about all your current challenges in life, and gives you strength! Hear all about it in this encouraging CD... Invigorating!!
Our Price: USD $ 2.40 List Price: USD $ 5.60 You Save: 58%
    A Million Dollars
Dreaming of winning the lottery? Of buying a new house or taking a cruise to Tahiti? A million-dollar treasure is right there waiting for you - hear about it in this CD.
Our Price: USD $ 2.40 List Price: USD $ 5.60 You Save: 58%
    A New Intellect
A person can attain much more than he thinks if he only discards his sorely limited intellect and internalizes a new and much more powerful intellect. A CD that will change your life for the better!
Our Price: USD $ 2.40 List Price: USD $ 4.70 You Save: 50%

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