26 Av 5781 / Wednesday, August 04, 2021 | Torah Reading: Re'eh
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The Premature Birth - Wishing for Moshiach    

The Premature Birth - Wishing for Moshiach

Arielle couldn't care if she was only in the end of the sixth month; she couldn't stand the pregnancy any more and wanted the baby taken out at all costs, by any means...


Arielle and her husband were overjoyed when they discovered that she was expecting their third child. That was, of course, before the all-day-all-night sickness set in. For the next four months, Arielle was in complete misery. She had severe hyperemesis, and the medicines she got from her doctor did nothing to alleviate her vomiting. She couldn't even look at food. Her body was so weak, she couldn't do her normal daily routine.
The second half of the pregnancy wasn't much easier. She had severe sciatica and had extreme pressure and cramping in her lower abdomen. Her blood pressure was starting to rise, and she was showing signs of beginning pre-eclampsia. Even though her hyperemesis had passed, she couldn't tolerate most foods, as her stomach had become quite picky and unpredictable.
Her husband also suffered from the pregnancy. He was the one carrying the burden for the entire family as well as his work load. He was the one who got the kids up and ready for school. He was the one who made breakfast, lunch, and dinner most days. He did most of the household chores, including ironing. If Arielle had been in her usual state of mind, she would have made him wear her grandmother's ironing apron, complete with floral patterns and ruffles. Instead, she settled for the mild amusement of watching him do dishes wearing her hot pink gloves.
Pink glove moments aside, Arielle spent most of her pregnancy crying. She dreaded waking up each morning and didn't know how she would get through the day. The thought of another few months of suffering felt like an eternity; she couldn't envision the day when her baby would be born.
In her sixth month, she lost her mind. She was fed up with being pregnant, and she wanted that baby out. She went to her doctor and argued with him, and wouldn't take no for an answer. Her doctor saw that she was serious, and he couldn't believe her lack of concern for her baby's well-being. He tried to explain to her that she must hold on; she had to force herself to get through her pain for a short while longer. After that, she would see that her rewards would be infinitely greater than her sacrifice.
Arielle's husband spent many hours fighting with her at home. How could his wife be so self-centered? Didn't she understand that she was putting her baby's life in danger, all for the sake of regaining her physical comfort again? Isn't that what being a mother was all about- putting the children's needs before her own?
She wouldn't listen to any of it. He threatened to take the kids and leave her. She showed him the door. No matter what, at all costs, she would have this baby immediately. Speechless and feeling as if she had punched him in the stomach, he grabbed some of the kids' belongings, and left with the kids to his parents' home.
The next morning, Arielle went back to her doctor with a warning. If he did not agree to deliver this baby immediately, she would make him severely regret it. She was ready to do a dangerous black market c-section if that's what it took. Her doctor, not wanting to get into any long legal battles or other battles with her, finally acquiesced.
At 25 weeks, little Daniel was forced into the world. His tiny, 2.5 pound body was immediately put in a warm incubator. His lungs weren't ready to function on their own, and he was hooked up to a ventilator. Instead of enjoying the cozy warmth of his mother's womb, he spent the next several weeks lying on his back, being forced to breathe via a machine, and being fed through a nasogastric tube.
Arielle didn't care; she was finally free of her suffering. However, she didn't anticipate all of the lifelong problems she had given Daniel as a result of her extreme selfishness. Daniel was not only smaller than most children; he had a whole list of other physical problems. What's worse, he showed signs of mental developmental delays as well. With each passing year, it seemed that Daniel was falling farther and farther behind his age group.
Throughout those difficult formative years, Arielle suffered along with Daniel. When she finally came back to her senses, she realized what a tragic, selfish, and far-reaching mistake she had made. Many nights she cried herself to sleep with her overwhelming guilt. It was all her fault that Daniel suffered so much. What she would give to do it all over again! In retrospect, what was a few more weeks of being terribly uncomfortable? The dividends would have been astronomical- not only for Arielle and Daniel, but for all potential future generations that could have come from him.
It could have been so different...
Does Arielle sound familiar to you?
Look in the mirror- you'll see her staring back at you.
Yes, you'll say it's impossible. Arielle was foolish and selfish and short-sighted. But you're not! What could you possibly have in common with her?
Recently, Rav Arush has come out with very strong warnings against people wishing for Moshiach to come immediately. He says that if Moshiach were to come now, the Redemption would be so painful that most of us wouldn't be able to bear it. Most of us wouldn't survive it.
I don't know about you, but that scares the you-know-what out of me.
After Moshiach comes, there will be no more chances to move forward spiritually. There will be no lenient judgments; everything will go strictly by the book. There will be no more evenings wasted in mindless nonsense like TV or movies. Facebook will cease to exist. No more weekends will be spent lounging by the pool.
Are you ready for such a world?
Are you ready for a world where the only thought on everyone's mind is holiness? Where every act, good and bad, is scrutinized with a microscope? There will be no more off-colored jokes and frivolous intermingling of the sexes. All women will be perfect in their modest dress and behavior, and all men will have no trouble guarding their eyes and personal holiness.
Which of us can say that we're on this level? I know I can't.
Hashem is doing us a great mercy by giving us more time to reach the highest levels we can. Let's use the little remaining time we have left towards spiritual advancement, not only for ourselves, but for others as well.
“Who cares about others? It's not my fault that they don't want to make teshuva!” you may say. This is not correct thinking. Does anyone want to be held accountable by the Heavenly Court for the fact that some souls didn't merit to be a part of the Geula? After all, we're all connected, and as such, we're all responsible for one another.
Here's my two-part recommendation: pick the area where you are most lacking spiritually, and put all of your efforts into fixing that first. For example, if a woman knows it's important to dress modestly, but she can't stand the thought of sleeves and long skirts, that's the area she should be working on first. According to Rav Arush, one should dedicate at least 30 minutes of personal prayer a day towards this specific area, and Hashem will bless him with success.
The other part is equally as important- we need to do our utmost and spread Rebbe Nachman's message of emuna and teshuva to as many people as possible. The only reason we have been given the gift of such awareness is because Hashem had mercy on us. Let's be His divine messengers and help others develop their connection with Him.
If you have seen amazing changes in your life since you have read any of Rav Arush's booksor CDs, isn't it fair that you offer that opportunity to someone else? Contact staff@breslev.co.il and be a part of our tremendous and life-saving mission. May you be blessed with every salvation you need and merit to be a part of the ultimate redemption, Amen!

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  Thank you, Dassie!
Racheli11/13/2014 10:31:57 PM
  I keep leaving the same comment at this site, but it's true!
Dassie11/10/2014 4:36:48 PM

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