12 Tamuz 5781 / Tuesday, June 22, 2021 | Torah Reading: Balak
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The Western Wall    

The Western Wall

By their own admission, former GRU agents injected the venom of abhorrent values into the brain of Hollywood, America's media and the academia, that way affecting and …


The great tsunami of agnostic heathenism that has swallowed up much of America and most of Europe has been stopped dead in its tracks here in Israel.


What’s the Western Wall in our country that keeps the atmosphere of atheism and hedonism out?


Emunah. That 30% of Israel is Torah observant and at least as much of that percentage believes in Hashem. This is what keeps us from getting sucked into the vacuum.


Liberalism as we know it started in the 1950s. It got moving in the 60s. US and Europe were all changing from values shared over centuries to something else.


Now, like a virus, it has spread to most of the body.


One would assume that this would ravage Israel like it did the rest of the modern world. After all, the tools used to spread this cancer -- hi-tech, are perfected here.


But it didn't.


Somehow, these values, while not small here, are not dominant. They aren't law. There isn't a civil war brewing between 2 sides of equal strength vying to capture the flag of mankind's destiny.


If you look closely at the parades for impurity, there is something missing: Israelis. The bulk of the people who participate in the parades, in an attempt to normalize their behavior using the ruse that "everybody is okay with it" are foreigners. They are imported mobs who come and go to fill up a room.


The last proposal to "legalize" impurity failed in the Knesset by over 100 votes.


Since when has anything ever garnered 100 out of 120 possible votes in Israel's Knesset? Even if there were a referendum on Independence in April 1948, you could argue that there wouldn't be 100 votes in favor.


Israel is the answer to stemming the tides of what is trying to drown mankind.


The over 60% of our nation who believe in Hashem are not duped into following things that destroy their life and snuff out their spirit.

A friend of mine told me that it wasn't the KGB who fought America. The KGB was only to police the Soviet populace. It was the GRU, the Soviet counter to the CIA that did the dirty work of destabilizing America.


Reading the memoirs of former GRU agents, they state that they injected these abhorrent values into Hollywood, journalists, and college professors for the sole purpose of destabilizing America:  It had nothing to do with “progressive” values. It wasn’t meant to make people better off. The great Soviet dissident and former intelligence officer Yuri Bezmenov said that 85% of the work of Soviet intelligence never involved using a single weapon. It was all about spreading disinformation by empowering those whose values were or against the grain of what everyone stood for that they could foment revolution in those nations.


Those who stand for "progressive" values are nothing more than pawns of a dead empire which worked to spread atheism, poverty, and imprisonment to the ends of the earth.


Learning Torah. Prayer. Emunah. These are the ongoing commandments which stop this evil and pushes it away for good. It is the cure for this disease, and our world. The past 20 years have demonstrated clearly that where America and Europe have been overrun, tiny little Israel has withstood the legions of Goliath once again.


Only this time, it isn't with a slingshot.


It's with the emunah of every single Jew, especially here in Israel.


Try it out for yourself and your country and you will see miracles.


* * *

David Ben Horin lives in Israel with his wife and children. 



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