21 Sivan 5779 / Monday, June 24, 2019 | Torah Reading: Korach
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Hashem's Trump Card    

Hashem's Trump Card

After all the hype designed to convince of us that the leader of the free world is all-seeing and all-doing, Hashem reminded us Who is in complete control of world events…


After 10 months of election coverage, post-election coverage, and now presidential coverage, the mediawould have you believe that Donald Trump is God. The ancient Pharaoh's were seen by the Egyptians as a semi deity, which is why Moshe and Aaron, in the first of the Ten Plagues, approached Pharaoh in the early hours. Pharaoh would relieve himself once a day, and it was before anyone would wake up. He knew he was a flesh and blood human but he wanted to keep up his image as a god.


Do the naive among us unwittingly perceive the same image of the current American president?


Every single issue in existence is being connected to Donald Trump. Every detail of his life is featured in thousands of articles, blogs, and opinion pieces, not to mention in millions of social media posts worldwide.


By associating every detail of our lives to the most powerful man on earth, are we turning him into a god?


To knock us out of it, Hashem has done us a tremendous kindness.


On February 3, President Donald Trump raised his first objections to building in Judea and Shomron. It only took him 14 days in power to be tackled by the forces of this world trying to destroy us. For the past 2 months, we in Israel have been salivating about massive building in Yesha, a more aggressive posture towards terrorists (not Arabs – terrorists), and even annexation of our Biblical heartland.


Then Trump changed his tune. It may be a very small change, but he pulled on the reins on some of our momentum.


Do we blame Trump for this?




In putting the fate of the Land of Israel in his hands, we become as guilty as everyone else in making him a semi-divine pharaoh.


As students of Emuna we know the truth.


The truth is that Mr. Trump hasn't made a single decision from the moment he took the oath of office. Hashem controls the hearts of the leaders of this world. It is not President Trump who put the brakes on our hopes, it is Hashem. Above, behind, inside, and out of the body and soul of any American president is our King directing all his movements.


Where's the proof?


Just hours before Mr. Trump ended his unconditional love affair with Israel, we threw 42 families out of their homes in the dead of winter. We reneged on all promises to take care of them. We "evacuated" the Amona neighborhood in the Shomron Hills by tearing down their homes, razing their Synagogue to the ground, and worst of all – not providing them with anywhere to go once we were done making a piece of the Land of Israel judenrein. If that's not enough, nine gorgeous homes in Ofrah were bulldozed recently.


Hashem is the G-d of justice. Within hours of throwing a holy Jewish community to the flames of history, Hashem took away a measure of local support from the most powerful man on earth. We needlessly weakened ourselves. Hashem, measure for measure, "needlessly" weakened us.


The next time we read about the American administration putting pressure on us to keep from doing what is in our best interests, don't blame Trump. Don't blame America. Don't blame Europe or the UN. Turn to Hashem and ask forgiveness. Make repentance for anything in your life you feel you can improve on or fix.


After an international brainwashing designed to re-educate all of us that the leader of the free world is all-seeing and all-doing, Hashem reminded us Who is in complete control of world events. He doesn't need a media, blogosphere, social platform, or mobile network to project the image of being in control of everything. He acts, and there is nothing heaven or earth can do to overturn His Executive Actions.


It is up to us to see through the lies of this world and acknowledge it.


Once we do, the True and Only King of Israel will give us far more than any foreign leader could ever pledge.



* * *

Dovber Halevi runs the website http://www.proudlycandid.com/. On it you can find 1,001 Reasons to Love Israel.

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