21 Iyar 5779 / Sunday, May 26, 2019 | Torah Reading: Bamidbar
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Anger, Aggression and Success - Part 2    

Anger, Aggression and Success - Part 2

Okay, Lazer, I get the point about the tyrants and the meek, but you skirted my question about getting trodden on if I don't play the aggressive game...


We continue reviewing the relationship between Anger, Aggression, and Success - Questions and Answers:
* * *
2. Okay, Lazer, I get the point about the tyrants and the meek, but you skirted my question about getting trodden on if I don't play the aggressive game like everybody else does. How can I be tranquil, and yet succeed?
One of the basics of the traditional Far East schools of martial arts is a strong emphasis on character development, especially modesty. A real combatant must limit warfare to situations of impending threat only. The Japanese instill a severe code of moral behavior and modesty in their Suma champions. Braggers and macho types aren't accepted into the Special Forces units of the Israeli Defense Forces, and are considered bad security risks. Joon Rhee, who introduced Tae Kwon Do to America back in the early 1960s, was one of the gentlest, soft-spoken individuals I ever encountered. Yet, nobody dared trod on Joon Rhee.
Real strength comes from within. By implementing the lessons you've learned in this book, you've discarded a load of emotional garbage, developed spiritual awareness, and discovered an emotional strength under fire that you never dreamed you had. That's real power.
Machoism and superficial aggression is a bad façade for major-league insecurity. Millions of those go-getters, who are stepping on their colleagues to get ahead, are prime consumers of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. I prefer to spend my money on a good book, a new garment for my wife, or on a hiking vacation in the mountains. Don't you?
3. Lazer, I'm a little confused between anger and aggressiveness. Look how many want ads ask for an "aggressive" salesperson, etc. Is there a form of positive aggression? Could you clarify this point for me?
With pleasure; try these working definitions: Anger is the violent negative emotion - whether covert or overt - when things don't go according to our will. Aggression is the attempt to force things to go according to our will.
Who likes the door-to-door high-pressure vacuum cleaner salesman who tries to force his way into your house, even though you don't need another vacuum cleaner? To this day, I can't seem to get rid of the aggressive telephone marketing person who doesn't give up trying to sell me carpet shampoo service, despite the fact that I don't own any carpets!
Who likes the aggressive person who elbows his way ahead of you in the line to the airline check-in counter? The answer is - nobody. Maybe aggressive people get ahead on the short term, but two things always happen to them: One, people dislike them. Two, someone comes along who's stronger and more aggressive than they are, and they end up with the bitter taste of their own medicine.
I don't believe in a positive form of aggression. I do believe in Perseverance, Willpower, and the Inner strength (PWI). If you have PWI, you can accomplish anything in life. With physical strength and good looks alone, your success will be very limited. A tiny little one-celled bacteria, virus, or mold spore can destroy physical strength and good looks overnight. On the other hand, nothing in this world can destroy PWI. So, which path do you choose, cherished friend - the cosmetic corridor or the trail to tranquility? Sure, beauty and strength are nice assets, but the development of the soul must earn highest priority in order to achieve genuine, lasting happiness.
4. Again, I understand your point, Lazer. But, doesn't society prove you wrong? What about actors and flashy performers? Doesn't society reward beauty, strength, and ego?
You're correct, but only on the short term. What good are five or six years of fame and success while you're young and beautiful? Would you like to know how many singers and actors in their fifties and sixties are divorced, penniless alcoholics, and chain smokers receiving unemployment checks? Ego, strength, or beauty-based success is only flash-in-the-pan achievement. Often, those very actors and singers to whom you are referring are emotional wrecks, with dismal, problematic lives. Don't confuse a moment's glory under the spotlights with a lifetime of fulfillment and tranquility.
Too many people play roles, and work on image building rather than on character development. This book has strived to help you develop your spiritual health and power, the foundation of strong character development.
5. Lazer, don't be impatient with me, but I'm still concerned about going back to work on Monday morning. My boss is aggressive and angry, and my organization rewards a stab in the back. What do I do?
If you're driving down the freeway while cruising at the legal 60 mph limit, and a flashy Mercedes darts by doing 120, don't get in its way. Pull over to the right lane, and allow the Mercedes to pass you by. If its driver doesn't cause a traffic accident, then the highway patrol will likely nab him. You don't have to emulate irresponsible or negative behavior, especially when it entails breaking the law.
People who stab others in the back in order to earn a dollar may be getting ahead on the short term, but like the driver speeding down the freeway at 120 mph, they're on a long-term collision course - sooner or later, they encounter tragedy.
Oftentimes, God lets nasty people succeed on the short term, as a test of our faith. If we all received monthly checks of a hundred thousand dollars for not lying, stealing, or killing, then there would be no basis for the notion of free choice, reward, and punishment. Long-term success depends on doing the right thing and treating others fairly. The Talmud teaches that the first question the Heavenly Court asks a deceased person's soul is, "Did you negotiate and transact honestly?" Aggression, anger, and a stab in the back can sometimes maneuver a promotion, but hold on - the game's not over! Such a success will be short-lived.
If you've got PWI, you're calm, confident, and pleasant, people will like you and trust you. Your superiors will seek to confide in you. Don't worry; in the long run, you'll be passing everybody both up the corporate ladder and up the spiritual ladder. Forget about the lessons of Hollywood and stick to the lessons of this book. The more you develop spiritual awareness, the less your boss - or anyone else for that matter - will be capable of intimidating you.
To be continued . . .
(The Trail to Tranquility - Lazer's newest book!  Now available directly from the publisher:

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