14 Tamuz 5781 / Thursday, June 24, 2021 | Torah Reading: Balak
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Breaking the Pattern of Fear    

Breaking the Pattern of Fear

Although many types of fear have little logical reasoning to support them, they nonetheless thrive in one’s subconscious, resulting in a vicious cycle of detrimental behavior…


Transcribed by Devora Shifrin


Life is full of unknowns. The uncertainty of tomorrow can bring about feelings of anxiety and fear. This fear may manifest in social pressure, financial issues, and constant hesitation. Although these fears have little logical reasoning to support them, they nonetheless thrive in one’s subconscious, resulting in a vicious cycle of detrimental behavior.


The afflictions that people face are usually the result of fallen fears that weren’t elevated to God. If a person doesn’t have fear in the Almighty, that fear transfer to other areas which will ultimately inhibited him from reaching beyond the anxiety to attain his greatest potential.


The key to overcoming fear is to first differentiate who you are as a soul, from the thoughts, desires, or habits that fuel these behaviors. This important distinction is the first step to finding the confidence to open yourself up to the endless opportunities that lie on the other side of fear. This distinction is in the realization that you are not scared, you feel scared. You are not a smoker, you are in the habit of smoking. You are not your fear, you are a soul.


This process of getting to know yourself, presents the chance to understand the patterns of thought that hold you back. At the core of your hesitations are perpetual thoughts that were never questioned; they’re the recycled feedback that quickly became false beliefs which continually inhibit your psychological and spiritual development.


Free will is experienced when fear is conquered, when thoughts no longer control your decision, and when you can take a step back from a situation to question how you truly want to respond. The human brain has the capacity for neurological revision. Every person can train their mind to avoid the thoughts that control the fears, to interrupt the cycle of negativity by constantly interrupting the neurofeedback which communicates all of the reasons why you may fail. By rewiring your brain, you can create an entirely new reality, to reflect one that is governed by faith, rather than fear.


Faith provides the hope of a new tomorrow, and the individual creation of each moment. Faith is the embodiment of renewal. Faith allows you to believe that through prayer, anything can change in just a blink of an eye. Prayer provides us with the opportunity to connect to God and our soul state. When a person is connected to their soul state, they can tap in to the divine energy that is limitless and eternal, not bound by the limitations of human inhibitions.


Through meditation, Hisbodedut, and heartfelt prayer, one can look for patterns of thought that trigger negative emotions, and work to rewire those thoughts by questioning their validity. Peace of mind comes from elevating our worries to God and live in the knowledge of ‘Ein Od Milvado’ (there is nothing but God). God is the only one in control of the outcome, therefore, all that we can do in this world, is put in our best effort, let God take care of the rest, and allow the fears to fall away.



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About Gedale Fenster - Gedale Fenster, a Miami-based entrepreneur and motivational speaker, is the founder and CEO of the People’s Insurance Claim Center and Evolutions Treatment Center. He has also established the Breslov Center, where he teaches. He hosts a series of daily and weekly online lectures at http://www.gedalefenster.com/

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