17 Nissan 5779 / Monday, April 22, 2019 | Torah Reading: Acharei Mot
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Thank You, Hashem    

Thank You, Hashem

Still unable to sleep, I made a deal with myself to keep thinking of examples of Hashem’s compassion, of His love for us, and of His ultimate goal for the world…


One night I couldn’t sleep, so I thought about the world and all that is going on:  all the maladies, tragedies, and so-called accidents that are being reported by the media. Everything seems so dark, but it’s only a contrast so that we will appreciate the light that is emerging. So, I turned my attention to the light. It’s actually growing, and if we focus upon it, instead of the darkness, it will expand even more.


Then I reasoned that if I think of all the amazing miracles Hashem has performed for me in my life, He will respond to me in kind. He’ll think of all the things that I have done to please Him. It’s a turn for a turn. If we think of the dark things, we see more darkness, but if we think of the Creator’s benevolence, we’ll be privileged to see more of His kindness.


Focusing on the good brings more of what we are hoping for - always.


Then, still unable to sleep, I made a deal with myself to keep thinking of examples of Hashem’s compassion, of His love for us, and of His ultimate goal for the world, which is peace, harmony, and healing. As I thought of those things, more and more examples came to mind:  The advances in medicine and medical technology; a kinder and gentler approach to healing mind, body, and soul; the beauty of emuna and positive thinking; the emphasis on healthy eating from the earth; the amazing conveniences and ways to use technology constructively; and the new spiritual approaches geared to healing emotions, relationships, and marriages.  When we speak more of Hashem’s kindness and believe in His illustrious promise and goal for the world, we will, with His help, see even more evidence of movement in that direction.


Hashem’s love for us is infinite. Recognizing the good will expand the light and counteract the darkness that the media continues to highlight.


Thank you, Hashem, for everything you do. I know it’s all for the very best, so I wrote a little poem to honor You---our Father, our Master, our Rock, our King:


“Gratitude to Hashem”


I slipped and fell one rainy night

In high-heel boots I’d worn before

I slipped four times—It wasn’t right

Yet not one scratch nor pain nor sore!


What? Impossible!  Thank You Hashem!  Thank You So Much!


Our baby waiting to be born

The use of “forceps” I was shown

Alas! We must not feel forlorn!

The baby’s head turned on its own!


How could that be? A miracle!!  Thank You Hashem!  Thank You So Much!


The precious little one turned blue

His tiny lungs not strong enough

G-d sent a nurse who made him coo.

Hashem’s right there when things get rough.


The Miracle of Emuna! Thank You Hashem! Thank You So Much!


And as he grew he feared the slide

“Too high! No fall! No fall!! No fall!”

We run and run but cannot hide.


Reminding us Who runs it all


An innocent message to be sure. Thank You Hashem!  Thank You So Much!


I listen to the subtle voice

And recognize my soul within

I contemplate; I have a choice.


To do what’s right and not to sin,

Everything You do is for our best. Thank You Hashem!  Thank You So Much!


Seeing the truth in retrospect

Is a familiar path to take

It pops up as we introspect

And ponder choices that we make.


Hashem’s such a patient Father!  Thank You Hashem!  Thank You So Much!


Is it a slap or a love tap?

We know that it’s all for the best.

Refresh with a much-needed nap.

We soul search and then pass the test.


Thank you for believing in us, Hashem!  Thank You So Much.


We long for Divine protection

In all the things that we do

If it involves a correction

We lovingly accept that too!


Gratitude brings us joy! Thank You Hashem!  Thank You So Much!



* * *

No sooner did I finish composing the poem, and I slept like a baby. Thank You, Hashem! 

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