18 Shvat 5779 / Thursday, January 24, 2019 | Torah Reading: Yitro
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Torah Portion
Emuna Coaching

Spirituality and Faith
  Ten Steps to Redemption
 By Lori Steiner, Update date: 1/22/2019, 22:40
  Ten Essential Life Lessons
 By Gedale Fenster, Update date: 1/20/2019, 20:54
  Cure for Every Crisis
 By David Ben Horin, Update date: 1/15/2019, 22:07
  Can We Prove Emuna?
 By Rabbi Shalom Arush, Update date: 1/8/2019, 20:40
  Personal GrowthSpiritual GrowthPersonal StoriesKabbalah and Mysticism   
  The Wine-Vinegar Option
 By Rabbi Lazer Brody, Update date: 1/20/2019, 21:07
  Safe Lifting
 By David Perlow, Update date: 1/15/2019, 22:06
  Don't Blame the Child
 By Rabbi Shalom Arush, Update date: 1/8/2019, 20:45
  Free Meals and Free Will
 By Rabbi Shalom Arush, Update date: 12/30/2018, 10:42
  HashkafaConcepts in JudaismPractical HalachaJewish Culture   
  80/20 Parenting
 By David Perlow, Update date: 1/22/2019, 22:29
  How to Kill Your Marriage
 By Racheli Reckles, Update date: 1/20/2019, 20:54
  Think Less, Do More
 By Edna Kadosh, Update date: 1/15/2019, 22:05
  4 Dating Tips from the Torah
 By Aleeza Ben Shalom, Update date: 1/8/2019, 20:30
  Dating and MarriageChildren and EducationBreslev KidsHealth and Fitness   
  The Soul of Moshiach
 By Rabbi Lazer Brody, Update date: 1/20/2019, 21:08
 By Rabbi Lazer Brody, Update date: 1/22/2019, 22:47
  Turning Bitter into Sweet
 By Rabbi Shalom Arush, Update date: 1/15/2019, 22:32
  That Little Voice
 By Rabbi Shalom Arush, Update date: 1/20/2019, 20:52
  Baal Shem Tov and StudentsUmanRebbe Nachman's WisdomCustoms and Thought   
  The Noahide Struggle
 By Terry W. Hayes, Update date: 1/22/2019, 22:24
  Circumventing 5 Cs
 By David Ben Horin, Update date: 1/22/2019, 22:54
  Who Gets More?
 By Rivka Malka Perlman, Update date: 1/12/2019, 19:22
  That's so Annoying!
 By Roger Price, Update date: 1/15/2019, 22:05
  Jewish WorldNoahide WorldJewish HistoryCurrent Affairs   
Torah Portion
  The Point System
 By Rabbi Lazer Brody, Update date: 1/20/2019, 15:17
 By Rebbetzin Chana Bracha Siegelbaum, Update date: 1/20/2019, 15:17
  Blessings on Miracles
 By Rabbi Avraham Isaac Kook zatza”l, Update date: 1/20/2019, 15:17
  The Super-Motivated
 By Rabbi Lazer Brody, Update date: 1/22/2019, 22:57
  Parsha BeamsChassidic PearlsParsha in a NutshellDavid's SlingJacob's Ladder   
Holidays and Fast Days
  Grab It by the Tail
 By Rabbi Lazer Brody, Update date: 1/19/2019, 21:00
  The Planted People
 By Rabbi Lazer Brody, Update date: 1/21/2019, 22:03
  The Arbor Intifada
 By Rabbi Lazer Brody, Update date: 1/20/2019, 10:52
  Trees, Israel and Geula
 By Rabbi Lazer Brody, Update date: 1/15/2019, 22:08
  Tu B'Shvat and ShovevimPurimPesachHolocaust DayYom HaZikaron   
  Rabbi Yehudah HaNasi
 By Breslev Israel staff, Publish date: 12/25/2007, 19:42
  Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon - The Rambam
 By Breslev Israel staff, Publish date: 12/25/2007, 19:42
  The Baal Shem Tov
 By Breslev Israel staff, Publish date: 12/25/2007, 19:42
  Shlomo HaMelech
 By Breslev Israel staff, Publish date: 12/25/2007, 19:42
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   Ludmila bat Alexander
Our dear husband, father, and grandfather,Dale Edward ben Alton Edward
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