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Beautiful pure sterling silver (925 silver) necklace!


The letter "Aleph" in Judaism has a special sanctity according to the revealed Torah and the secret Torah, as it is written in the Torah: "This is the generations of heaven and earth in their creation". Our sages taught that "in their creation" meant "they created in the letters Hey and Aleph".


Because the birth of the world was done with the letters "Hey" and "Aleph", those letters have a very great power to bring about fertility, finding one's zivug (spouse), livelihood and wealth. In fact, it has the power to bring about renewal in all the circles of creation and blessing in the world.


Rabbi Nachman of Breslev, in his holy book Likutei Moharan (Torah 141, section53) said that our father Abraham and our mother Sarah were initially called 'Abram and Sari'. The letters "Hey" and "Aleph" were not in their names. As a result, they were barren for many years. When the Holy One, blessed be He, added the letters "Hey" and "Aleph" to their names, only then did they merit to have a son.


Yosef the Tzaddik said "Behold - may you have seed" (The single two-letter word "Hey Aleph" in Hebrew is translated "Behold" in English). Rabbi Natan of Breslev explains that with these words Yosef drew down wealth to Egypt.



Rabbi Nachman also says in his book Likutei Moharan (Torah 47) that the letter "Aleph" is capable of opening abundance!

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Pure Sterling Silver Necklace with "Thank You" Pendant
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Pure Sterling Silver Necklace with "Thank You" Pendant
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